Sex & relationship coaching is one of the best businesses for couples

How to Start a Coaching Business as a Couple – And Make it a Success

Starting and managing a coaching business can be a scary endeavor. And when you add the dynamics of a romantic relationship into the mix, it may even seem like a recipe for disaster. However, many couples have proven that it is both possible and highly fulfilling to have a successful coaching business together. 

Navigating the complexities of both personal and professional relationships can be demanding. But with effective communication, shared goals, and a strong foundation, you can leverage each of your unique strengths and build a thriving coaching business, side by side. 

Why Build a Sex & Relationship Coaching Business?

If you’re both called to coaching as your life passion, one of the best businesses for couples to build is a sex and relationship coaching practice.

Why? The skills you teach others will help you tend to and enhance your own relationship every day. As you learn and grow as a couple, you will set an amazing example for others striving to do the same. 

Plus, being in a romantic relationship offers you a unique business advantage: the emotional connection you naturally share. This connection can enhance your ability to empathize with your clients, and really understand what it takes to grow as a couple.

Shared values and a common vision are essential for any successful business. Being in a romantic relationship often facilitates a shared purpose.

Not to mention that being a sex coach and sexologist can be a very profitable occupation. Double that as a couple – and you’re looking at a recession-proof, high in demand, low competition profession that can provide you both with a very comfortable living.

The Essential Tools You Need for Coaching Business Success

To make your success more likely, you should consider getting your coaching certifications. The Somatica Institute’s sex and relationship coach certification training, for example, prepares you to be highly effective, masterful coaches and sexologists.

When you train in the Somatica Method, you learn essential communication and conflict resolution skills that deepen your connection as a couple. Learning open and honest communication fosters trust, strengthens secure attachment, and leaves room for each of you to share your unique gifts in the business. Somatica also helps you champion a spirit of experimentation, and gives you tools to navigate power dynamics – ultimately allowing for a more vital, equitable, and inclusive practice.

But beyond teaching tools and techniques for emotional intimacy and mutual understanding, Somatica also helps you tactically build a practice with its integrated business training module.

The module shows you how to market your business, build a website, introduce yourself to referral sources, and develop an elevator pitch. It teaches how to do an effective sales call, sell during workshops, and create coaching packages.

And once you’ve graduated from the Somatica Training, there’s even an advanced coaching business Mastery Class to step up your business skills to superpower status.

Tips to Get Started With a Thriving Coaching Business

  1. Capitalize on Your Individual Strengths

Working with your partner as a team is an opportunity to let your complementary skills shine. For example, one of you might have great interpersonal skills and excel at designing workshops and coaching. The other one maybe possesses exceptional marketing and business acumen.

By combining your strengths, you can increase your profit margin since you will be able to do everything in house – literally!

  1. Do the Emotional Work 

Collaborating with anyone on a business venture is quite like creating a marriage. Yet few business partners do the important emotional work needed to create a sustainable relationship. When intimacy and relationships are your business focus, you realize that even a meeting needs room for feelings as you brainstorm and build your business.

A highly accredited training program like Somatica not only prepares and certifies you to work with clients. It also helps you navigate the intricate journey of successfully becoming business partners. It recognizes the significance of emotional connection and offers tools to deepen your intimacy as you learn professional skills. 

Through various exercises, you explore your emotional landscape, enhance your capacity for vulnerability, and develop a greater sense of trust and support. This emotional resilience becomes an invaluable asset in navigating the uncertainties that come with starting and running a business.

  1. Find Your Specialization Niche

As a couple offering sex and relationship coaching, you have the opportunity to build a powerful practice helping other couples be in a loving, connected, intimate relationship.

The really exciting bit comes in once you specialize in a specific coaching niche. You could teach couples together, or create popular couples workshops. You could also specialize in particular issues – like helping people bring the spark back into their relationship, or explore ethical non-monogamy or polyamory.

Setting Boundaries and Creating a Work-Life Balance

One potential pitfall of starting a business with your life partner is that it can sometimes be difficult to keep your personal and professional life apart.

When you are working together during the day and living together at night, the lines between work and home tend to blur, leading to potential burnout or strain on the relationship. 

Your key to avoiding this pitfall will be to learn and practice embodied boundaries. Having a good sense of your needs and boundaries will make it much easier to establish a schedule, and allocate specific times for work and play.

It’s also vital for you both to maintain a sense of individual identity and practice conscious self-care – creating a healthy work-life balance within your shared entrepreneurial journey.

Live Your Dreams – Together!

While starting a coaching business as a couple can certainly be challenging, it is easy to be successful at it if you have the right tools. Plus, it can be a very bonding experience to bring a shared vision to life. 

Ultimately, your success will lie in your commitment to both personal and professional growth, the ability to navigate challenges together, and the shared vision. Somatica can help put you on the right path.

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