CEUs for Licensed Therapists

CEUs For Licensed Therapists

The Somatica Training is CAMFT/BBS-approved to offer CEUs to licensed therapists around sexuality (Provider #146640). Somatica offers continuing education to Marriage & Family Therapists (MFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).

It provides them with holistic, in-depth knowledge and a wide range of tools to help clients address issues in the realm of sexuality and intimate partnerships.

Fully Support and Empower Your Clients

Training requirements for therapists in the realm of sexuality are generally minimal. Yet many clients who seek traditional therapy experience serious issues around their sex life, their desires, and their dating lives. They face challenges such as sexless marriage, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, shame, or sexual trauma. They may be having conflicts with their partner(s) in the sexual arena or around their emotional intimacy. Or maybe they need help and guidance to communicate their sexual and emotional needs.

Continuing Education programs in the Somatica Method will help you to fully support and empower your clients around these highly vulnerable issues.

Gain Sexual Communication Tools

The Somatica Training will give you the language to have these important conversations. When a therapist is knowledgeable and non-judgmental, their client is much more likely to open up with them about these issues. Additionally, studies show that clients are waiting to be asked about these sensitive topics. It can therefore be extremely helpful to be well-versed in how to start conversations about erotic and emotional intimacy.

Replace Myths with Effective Tools

Repairing emotional intimacy will naturally lead couples to regain sexual desire – right? Persistent cultural myths like these can cause clients to look elsewhere for support in the realm of sexual connection. Knowing what really helps couples reignite the spark in their intimate life allows you to help them in every aspect of their romantic partnership.

Can I Use Somatica Tools as a Licensed Professional?

Because the Somatica Method has some experiential aspects, therapists often ask us if they are able to use the tools we offer in their normal practice. The answer is a resounding “YES”. While some of our exercises do have a hands-on facet, most do not. Some of them can even be modified for use in your office.

More importantly – licensed therapists have reported to us that Somatica’s philosophical approach has been extraordinarily helpful to their work. The learned tools around desire, arousal, shame and empowerment has given them new and highly effective ways to work with sexual issues.

Additionally, therapists who took the Somatica Training tell us that Somatica’s mutually vulnerable approach deepens their clients’ trust. It causes them to open up, and as a result, transformation happens much more quickly in every aspect of their work.

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