Somatica is Trauma Informed Coaching

There are many trauma therapies out there. It can however be quite difficult to find a training that focuses on trauma informed coaching and specifically deals with sex and relationships. [Find a trauma informed coach here]

This is one of the many aspects that sets the Somatica Method apart from other methods. The Somatica Training is trauma informed because we found that many clients seeking help in the realm of sex and relationships often also have a history of sexual trauma, intimate trauma, or attachment trauma.

What is Trauma Informed Coaching?

A trauma informed coaching training takes into account the impacts of this wound. It increases awareness of these ordeals, and offers clients ways to heal and grow beyond their trauma history.

In Somatica, the focus is on helping people heal and grow in their sexual and relational lives. While Somatica is not a trauma training per se, it offers tools to help you, the coach, heal from your own trauma and support your clients and loved ones in doing the same.

Trauma-Informed Skills You Will Learn in Somatica:

  • Distinguishing between a trauma response and an emotional release
  • Learning to de-escalate triggers and come back to neutral
  • Practicing within a securely attached relationship to heal attachment trauma such as abandonment, intrusiveness, and neglect
  • Communicating trauma signals with partners to lessen the likelihood of sexual or emotional re-traumatization
  • Recognizing and learning when it is important to refer
  • Enhancing pleasure so people spend more time in pleasure and less in trauma

As a trauma informed coaching modality, Somatica teaches you to be sensitive with your clients around their trauma history. You learn to go at an appropriate pace, and bring proper attunement to your professional practice.

Resolving Trauma and Enhancing Pleasure

When someone has had a history of trauma, it often causes them to shut down parts of themselves. This can lead to less joy and less pleasure in life. Most traditional therapies focus on resolving this trauma, and consider it finished when the client is no longer triggered, or can manage their triggers out in the world.

Very few trainings attend to the enhancement of pleasure as a tool for healing – reintroducing the client to the joy of embodied pleasure, sexual arousal, and fulfillment. This is where the Somatica Training can be highly useful.

It offers tools that go beyond simply resolving trauma. It teaches you how a client can fully reclaim, embrace, and experience their sexual selves without re-traumatization. This allows them to spend more of their lives in enjoyment and pleasure, rather than trauma.

Somatic Trauma Therapy as a Primer

Many clients who will come into your practice may have already gone through some form of trauma therapy. Perhaps even with a therapist whose had somatic trauma therapy training (Somatic Experiencing, for example).

Clients who’ve gone through such a therapy (or another trauma therapy such as EMDR) are great clients for a Somatica Sex and Relationship coach. They’ve had some foundational work and are now ready to fully heal by learning Somatica’s embodied and experiential way.

At the same time, if a client has not had any sort of trauma therapy in the past, they may still be a good candidate for Somatica coaching. Somatica tools include practices of emotional self-awareness, self-soothing, and trauma empowerment around sexuality – which are rarely taught in other sex and relationship coach trainings.

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