What is a Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach?

Compared to therapists and other erotic coaches, Somatica sex coaches offer a very unique approach to working with clients on intimacy and relationships.

They base their processes on the Somatica Method – a concept that was created to fill a learning gap in the sex coaching realm. It recognizes that for people to have emotional and erotic intimacy, they need to have authentic experiences. A Somatica coach practices this authentic relating with their client to help them learn, grow, and transform their sex lives and relationships. We call this “the Relationship Lab”.

Because the Somatica Method is tactile and experiential – rather than talk-based – its coaches are also some of the most successful practitioners in the field of sex and relationship coaching today.

What Kind of Issues Does a Somatica Sex Coach Tackle?

Using the embodied practice of somatic sexology, a Somatica coach helps individuals and couples overcome common intimacy challenges.

These can include sexless marriage, low libido, and all types of sexual dysfunction. Uniquely, a Somatica coach also focuses on improvements – namely, identifying opportunities to help a client achieve their sexual pleasure potential.

What Unique Approaches Does a Somatica Coach Use?

Unlike other types of erotic coaching or therapy that’s conducted from a distance, Somatica’s technique is experiential.

Its coaches act as partners who engage in emotional and erotic intimacy with their clients. By doing so, they can evaluate their client’s sexual and relational strengths or challenges, and draw out their unique erotic imagination and desires. Once confirmed what the client needs to learn, the sex coach can then teach the tools they need to unlock a more emotionally connected and sensually satisfying life.

In this custom relationship lab, the key is experiential, embodied learning. Somatica coaches offer real-time practices with an emotional and erotic connection to create experiences of vulnerability, arousal, or passion.

The boundaries of Somatica are always clothes-on, with no kissing on the mouth. Touch is acceptable in both directions, but no touch should ever move toward orgasm.

Why Are Somatica Sex and Relationship Coaches So Effective?

Brain plasticity research has shown that creating new experiences – involving thought, emotion, and all the senses – are very effective at changing habits.

The type of embodied coaching Somatica practitioners use to craft experiences around vulnerability, arousal, or passion builds these new neural pathways. And they are much more likely to transform behaviors that translate into long-lasting changes than if they would have solely been thought, read, or talked about.

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