Shelby Devlin, M.A.

Shelby Devlin is a sex and intimacy coach, certified in the Somatica Method. She has an M.A. in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University, where she created original research on the role emotions play in arousal and pleasure, as well as the impact shame has on our sexuality.

Beyond academia, Shelby understands that the body has knowledge, and there are many ways to tap into it. She is a certified massage therapist, and an associate practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy – a gentle, trauma-release bodywork modality. She also has training in the Hakomi Method and Mindful Motion therapy.

As a coach, Shelby has supported clients all over the world in exploring darker desires, including D/s, BDSM, fetish and kink. Early in her career, Shelby worked as a sex educator, teaching classes about health and safety, as well as practical skill-building for various BDSM activities.

Shelby has also studied under professional Doms in the Bay Area and NYC. She has received formal training in bondage, rope play, CBT, breath play, impact play, D/s, and various forms of esoteric kink. All of this expertise has aided Shelby in being a truly excellent Dom.

Most importantly, Shelby’s knowledge comes from a wealth of personal experience and exploration. She knows that the most impactful lessons come from actually doing. She has made it her mission to experience as much as possible – not only to satisfy her own curiosities, but to better serve her clients.

Shelby has the unique ability to give her clients the experience of unconditional acceptance in a judgement-free space. She accomplishes this by harnessing her natural leadership abilities and combining them with her nurturing presence, dark imagination, and playful spirit.

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