Somatica Sex + Relationship Workshop

Foundations of the Somatica Method – 5-Day Training in Israel, Nov. 2019

We are so excited to be bringing the Somatica Method to Israel!

Revolutionize your practice and your relationship with Somatica’s tools for deeper erotic and emotional connection. The Somatica Method is based on embodiment, mindfulness, non-judgment.

This workshop is the first in a multi-stage program that can lead to your certification as a Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach. It will introduce you to the philosophical foundations of the method while giving you practical approaches to enhancing your own and your clients’ sex and relationships right now! This class is offered to students interested in either personal or professional development.

Somatica Foundation Israel

In this 5-day training, you will learn Somatica’s approach to:

Embodiment – Socialization disconnects people from their bodies and their full self-expression. Somatica methodically connects people back to their bodies as a pathway to deeper self-understanding and self-expression. When people are in their bodies, they fully experience their lives, emotions, and sensations. They breathe deeply and slowly. They are able to make comfortable eye contact. Being connected to your body also opens a pathway to sexual arousal and expression that is different from what comes from your mind or your fantasies.

Attachment – Attachment is one of our most basic human needs. Yet many of us have not had an experience of secure attachment. In this class, you will begin to learn how to build attachment to the people you love, including your clients. The Somatica Method shows you how to provide and receive secure attachment in your relationships while drawing healthy boundaries.

Individuation – Humans also need to be true to their authentic selves and follow their deepest desires. Ideally, they are able to do this with the support and acceptance of their loved ones. Individuation is about personal freedom, self-actualization, and growth.

In Somatica, we see attachment and individuation as two sides of the same coin – if you feel securely attached, you are more likely to feel safe to be yourself. If you feel accepted by your partner, you are more likely to want to be attached. In this class, we will use sexual desire as

an important example of individuation.

Sexual Desire and Arousal – Sexual desire and arousal come from two different routes: physical and psychological. Often, couples have different desires and feel ashamed or threatened by these differences, which leads to dissatisfaction.

In this foundational class, we introduce experiences to help people learn more about both routes of desire. Through self-discovery and acceptance of others, you will learn how to help couples empathize and re-connect across differences so they can achieve the heights of satisfaction. With your new Somatica tools, you and your clients will be able to discover and share the full breadth and depth of your desire and arousal.

Women’s Sexuality – Social messages around women’s sexuality cause women to distance themselves from their bodies and desires. This drastically limits the amount of personal power and erotic pleasure they can get from sex. In this workshop, you will learn how to help women expand their experiences of pleasure and empowerment.

Men’s Sexuality – Just as social messages negatively impact women’s sexuality, they also impact men – both sexually and emotionally. This class will teach you to embrace men’s desires, and help them get in touch with their emotional and erotic expressions to become better lovers.

I've discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself

Somatica has been hugely transformational for me both personally and professionally. Before becoming a practitioner, I was a client who experienced very low desire and believed I was not a sexual being. I feel sadness as I remember the false beliefs I thought were true. So not true! I've discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself. I also learned to be vulnerable in my relationships. Because of my own personal transformation, I decided Somatica was the work that I wanted to do in the world and I love what I do! My ongoing training in the method continues to increase my skills as a practitioner and expand my understanding of myself as a sexual being.

Dalia, Somatica Core Training, 2013
Berkeley, CA

Who is it for

This Foundation of Somatica training is for professionals such as sex therapists, therapists, coaches, and others who want to work with individuals and couples more deeply in the realms of embodiment, attachment, emotional and erotic connection, and communication. It is also for people who are interested in changing their career and eventually becoming a sex and relationship coach. Many people also take the training for personal growth around their own sex lives and relationships.


November 12th – 16th, 2019
Estimated hours: Tuesday 13:00-20:00, Tuesday-Friday 10:00- 18:00, Saturday 10:00 – 16:00


Hila Farm, Israel.

This is a 5-days 4-nights training with room and board included in the tuition.


Tuition for the Foundation to Somatica Training is $1500 – this includes tuition for the training, 4 nights accommodations at Hila Farm, and 3 meals a day. Upon registration, a $350 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your space. The first 8 students get $200 off of the tuition. To reserve your space, please apply below. To complete your registration please email [email protected] to arrange your deposit.

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The healing is profound and touches all parts of one's life

Celeste & Danielle have created a revolutionary approach to transformation. Because it dives deeply into the vulnerable and guarded realms of sexuality, the healing is profound and touches all parts of one's life. The process of being in a relationship with a practitioner while finding one's own individual humanity allows more self-love and acceptance. Leading an individual into embracing and loving the human they are, living in a world where desires can be embraced, mistakes become learning and life is a continual journey of curious exploration.

H.R, Somatica Core Training, 2012
Oakland, CA


Cancellation Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the training 30 days or more prior to the first day of the program, you will be refunded all tuition paid, less a non-refundable $350 cancellation fee (and less any foreign transaction fees). If you choose to withdraw from the training for any reason whatsoever less than 30 days before the first day of the program, or should you miss any individual class sessions, you will be held responsible for payment of the full tuition.

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