How to Become a Sex Coach For Professional Development

Change Your Career – Become a Sex Coach

There is nothing more inspiring or satisfying than claiming your own deepest emotional and sexual desires – and then teaching others how to do the same. This is what happens when you become a sex coach.


In the Somatica Core Training, you will bring your full emotional and erotic self into connection with your fellow students. It’s an environment where your need for safety and boundaries will always be respected. You can transform your own life and relationships while learning how to give support, guidance, and feedback to clients.

Whether you are taking this training because you already have a practice or are just starting your career, you will emerge with a rich theoretical background and practical tools to work with clients’ most pressing sex and relationship concerns. This training is a tremendous step in your journey to becoming a skilled and emphatic sex coach.



The Somatica Core Training is for you if…

  • You are the person that everyone always talks to about their sex lives and relationship. Maybe it’s because you are open and excited about the topics – and so maybe it is time to make these skills into a lucrative career.
  • Making a difference in the world and deep, personal fulfillment is important to you, and you are ready to change your career.
  • You are passionate about helping people have sexier lives AND you are dedicated to guiding them into more successful relationships.
  • As a sex and relationship coach, therapist, bodyworker, Tantra practitioner or somatic healer, you are looking to broaden your approach and your client base.
  • You want a cohesive, holistic, and systematic approach as well as a rich toolkit that gives you the confidence to help your clients with all of their concerns.

While you might want to become a sex coach and be taking the Somatica Core Training for professional reasons, you will also experience tremendous personal growth benefits – please make sure you read about them as well!


What Will I Be Able to Offer My Clients as a Sex Coach?

    • Embodied connection to their emotions and sexuality
    • Acceptance of who they are, their desires, needs, and boundaries
    • The ability to advocate for themselves out in the world
    • An understanding of boundaries, why they are necessary, and how to communicate them
    • Reduced shame – an understanding of how shame limits joy and self-expression
    • The ability to be more soft and human with themselves and others
    • A broad definition of sex and what it can offer them
    • The knowledge of what they want from their sexual experience – and how to negotiate their desires with a partner
    • A way to express themselves vulnerably which will help them connect with people in every area of their lives
    • Permission and support in living their life fully and unapologetically
    • Resilience in facing the fears that paralyze them – including fear of disappointment, abandonment, loss, and rejection
    • Secure attachment and greater self-expression
    • Perspective – a realistic view of what they actually can get out of being in a relationship (and what they cannot) so they don’t miss out on all of the potential gifts they can receive


Become a Sex Coach

Become a Sex Coach – and Walk the Talk

We believe the best sex coach practitioners “walk their talk”. Using the tools you’ve learned in the Somatica Core Training, you can live an empowered and fulfilling life. Also, as you integrate back into your community after the training, you will see how many people around you need you. Your open heart, wisdom, love, skills and your ongoing help and support will be your best asset.

Is this Type of Sex Coaching in Demand?

Whenever we explain that we offer experiential sex and relationship coaching to anyone, their immediate response is, “My partner and I need you!”. Or – “Experiential? I have a friend that needs your help right now!”. Somatica Sex and Relationship Coaches are in very high demand. There is a tremendous amount of need for this work – and very few people with the personality and skills to offer it.

Sometimes, by the time clients find us, they have spent years in talk therapy. Often, they still haven’t found a sense of joy and ease in their sex lives or relationships. They need someone who can gently and assuredly guide them through the process of becoming more embodied, emotionally and erotically connected, and interpersonally empowered. Because there is so much shame around sexuality and most people are not comfortable with touch and connection, there are so few people who are willing and able to do this kind of work. This is a very special calling and if you are drawn to this training, you are a person who can truly help others!

Be forewarned, Somatica is not for those who want to coach from the sidelines

There’s a new wave happening in the world of counseling and sex therapy and Celeste and Danielle are on the cutting edge of that wave. Working and studying with them has been an exhilarating experience of surfing that wave.

The Somatica® Method is nothing less than a revolutionary new approach that’s turning the field of sex and relationship coaching upside down and right side up. I feel lucky to have studied with Celeste and Danielle, the master artisans of this new approach.

Be forewarned, Somatica® is not for those who want to coach from the sidelines. It’s for those who are ready to jump into the deep end of the pool and call forward the most vulnerable parts of both themselves and their clients to be transformed, healed and reborn----in partnership.
If you want a simple, clean, 6-step approach to sex coaching where you can sit safely on the sidelines and offer words of advice to your clients, I advise you to stay away from Somatica®. But if you’re ready to jump into the deep end and learn to facilitate a potent process that promises not just the transformation of your clients but also of you, then Somatica® might be the approach you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve taken four coaching programs during the past few years and Somatica is by far the most potent and valuable. It’s changed the way I think about sex and relationships and transformed my approach to coaching.

Tomas, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA

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