Free Introduction to Somatica

Free Intro to Somatica – Bay Area
When: Saturday, March 28th, 2020,
4:00-5:30pm PT
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free!

Free Intro to Somatica – NYC
When: Sunday, April 5th 2020,
5:00-6:30pm ET
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free!



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What You Will Get from Attending

In this free introduction to the Somatica Method, you will begin to get a taste of how Somatica can transform your personal and professional life. In a community of supportive people you will learn some of the emotional, interpersonal, and erotic tools that we all need for emotional and erotic growth and a lifetime of relationship satisfaction.

The intro was very practical and I got some wonderful tools that I will take home to use in my own relationship!

I really loved that the teaching was experiential instead of just a lecture. I got to connect with many other participants and it was very powerful to interact authentically with such a diverse group of people. The demo gave me a great idea of what it was like to be a Somatica Practitioner. It was one thing to read about your methods, but seeing you practice brought it alive. I would definitely recommend this intro day to anyone interested in exploring the dynamics of sex and relationship or coaches who want more tools!

Veronica Penn, Somatica Intro Participant
Sausalito, CA

At this FREE Event

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Celeste & Danielle take you on a tour of the 4 weekends of the Somatica training while giving you the opportunity to experience your own growth edges. You have a chance to see how you can go to the next level in your personal transformation around sex and relationships while learning how to help others.

You Will Explore:

The Power of Selfness: Cultivating selfness means being in touch with who you are and what you want. When you are in touch with yourself in this way you feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. In this workshop, we will help you put your selfhood front and center, beginning with being in your body, feeling your sensations and emotions and honoring your wisdom. Once you feel more personally empowered, you can also support your clients and those you love in being true to themselves.

Somatica training 2016 - womenThe Joy of Connecting: In rushing through your day-to-day, it is easy to miss out on your deep need for connection. Opportunities are all around you and we want to help connect and play with those around you as well as move through the challenges you have in connecting with others. You will take practices home with you to help deepen your connection with partners, clients, friends and even strangers.

The Pleasure of Erotic Relating: There is so much shame and negativity that exists in the world around sex, that it is easy to shut down your erotic energy and miss out on all of the deliciousness your eroticism has to offer. Through learning about and expanding your own understanding of your sexual desires and hearing about other’s desires, you will grow your knowledge about what’s on the menu sexually. You will get in touch with your erotic energy and explore with others so you can teach the people you love and your clients the freedom of a shameless, expanded sexuality.

Throughout the event, we are happy to answer any question you have about the training, the method and what it can offer to your life, your relationships and your work.

Find out more about the Somatica Core Training.

Years of higher education and personal growth pale in comparison to the multi-dimensional learning offered by Celeste & Danielle

My experience of Somatica has been profoundly transformative and integrative of my approach to sexuality and human relationships. I recommend it for everyone who wants to live a more fulfilled life.

River, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Dallas, TX

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I learned so much especially with the permission not to do it perfectly

This training was so deep and I love the way you each bring such a unique flavor to the work. I felt really supported and appreciated and learned so much from the practice.

Venus, Trained Somatica Practitioner, 2015
Berkeley, CA