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From Celeste and Danielle:

If deep down you have always felt a special fascination with sexuality and eroticism consider this often-ignored truth:

Each of us only lives ONE life.

And most People take theirs completely for granted. 

So ask yourself honestly: 

  • Are you truly happy with how you’re living your only life?
  • Do you feel you are making an actual difference in the world?
  • Is the work you do day-to-day truly helping others? 
  • Can you truly say with complete honesty that you’ve embraced your calling in life?

If not – you’re not alone (but you are missing out). 

Unhappy at work?


Both of us were once in the same situation. 

Working “normal” jobs. 

Feeling completely drained and empty by the end of the day.

Yearning to do SOMETHING with the consuming fascination we had with sex and relationships and intimacy…

And coming to grips with the fact that we were pouring our life’s energy into things that made ZERO real impact on the world. 

However, fast forward to today and everything has changed.

All because we discovered a way you can connect your true passion for understanding sexuality and intimacy with your career.

Instead of just reading up about it in your spare time…  imagine what it would be like to fully embrace and integrate your own sexuality and eroticism so it starts to fuel and energize every aspect of your life. 

Living and accepting your sexuality with complete honesty and authenticity.

And then imagine taking that energy and actually changing the world. Helping others discover deeper levels of intimacy in their own relationships – helping them embrace their inner erotic energy and power. 


You see – there is a revolution happening right now.

A movement.

Across the world, thousands of people’s lives are shifting in specific and powerful ways through the exploration and deepening of their sexuality and erotic self-awareness.

This is the next frontier of human evolution.


Humanity desperately needs the peace and fulfillment that comes as a result of this sexual awakening. 

And you can be a part of the solution. 

(And surprisingly be paid much, much more than you are now – just by doing what you are probably doing for free in your spare time anyway.)

This movement – and the rewarding career awaiting you – are all made possible by important breakthroughs we’ve made in understanding sexual growth and development that we will share with you in a few moments. 

You might wonder how a career-focused around your passion for sexual relationships and eroticism is even possible.

After all – we’ve been told since we were kids that if you follow your passion you’ll end up a “starving artist”.

But over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people create a unique and highly rewarding new career in this space.

Careers that empowered them to more than replace their previous incomes. All while finding greater fulfillment by joining in this exciting “second sexual revolution”. 

And we can confidently say that ANYONE who 

  • Feels an undying curiosity and drive to understand and explore the subjects of human sexuality and relationships 
  • And feels the urge to share and help others 

can take part in this remarkable opportunity. 

Joui, 2013 Somatica Training

I walk around the world with so much more confidence. I really feel like it should be required learning for everyone.

Anytime anyone asks me about the Somatica Training, I tell them, whether or not you are going to be a sex and relationship coach, you should take the training. I didn’t realize how much shame and confusion I had about my sexuality. Now, after taking Somatica, I feel so empowered in my sex life and relationships.  The world would be such a better place if we were all having great sex and relationships.

Let us tell you a little bit of our own journey into this exciting and deeply pleasurable reality

We are Celeste and Danielle.

And for as long as each of us can remember, we have been fascinated by sex and sexuality.

Celeste grew up with wonderful “hippie” parents who were very loving, affectionate, and playful. They supported her in being who she was and did not shame sex or people’s bodies. 

Danielle grew up with loving parents but in what she calls “a bath of shame.” The daughter of hard-working immigrant parents, she felt the pressure to fit in and measure up.

As a sensual person, she felt curious and a pull to explore and deepen her experience with sex and relationships. 

We both read all of the popular books on the topic and gobbled up as much of the theory as we could.

But even though this was what excited us the most, we both did what everyone around us was doing – we went to college and found “normal” jobs. Celeste as a sex researcher and Danielle as a social worker.

And sure, we had secured jobs.

But there was no… passion, no fire, or energy for life

in what we were doing. 

You can probably relate to the drained feeling you have when you stumble in the door after a long day, doing something that might have been “fun” 3 years ago – but is now nothing more than a monotone grind. Day after day after day….

And even when we would change jobs, hoping the grass would be a little greener, it would always end up the same way.

Meanwhile, we kept learning as much as we could about sex and relationships in our free time.

We were exploring and expanding our own boundaries. 

Danielle and her husband moved into an open relationship, and she began researching and discovering more and more about herself. 

Celeste was taking Tantra workshops and other experiential classes around sex and intimacy. 

Pretty soon, we became the go-to people for our friends, wanting to talk about sex and asking for advice.

It was during these conversations and in these moments of personal sexual explorations we felt most alive.

Compared to our bleak jobs, these moments felt

like bright colorful bursts of light.

And we each had our moments of individual realization where it finally dawned on us that this was what we were truly meant to do.

We both felt the calling to help others find greater fulfillment through sex.

No more spending our time doing work we weren’t truly passionate about.

We both decided we would NOT waste our ONE life like that.

Instead, we would find some way to take the one thing that made us feel alive and spend our time and energy doing it.

But HOW?

At the time the best option we could find was to pursue advanced degrees in the field of human sexuality – so back to school we went!

And it was while we were studying for our advanced degrees that we met and instantly recognized each other as kindred spirits.

One day, eating lunch together on a pier, we started sharing notes and comparing our individual experiences within the field as well as our own journeys of sexual and relationship growth.

And we noticed there was a huge gap in the field.

We found that time and time again, even when someone learned the theories behind sexuality, eroticism, and intimacy, they STILL struggled to implement them in their actual relationships.

“Why was that?” we asked each other. 

We puzzled over this for weeks – until finally one day, it hit us.

The surprising reason why people struggled so much to find deeper intimacy and awaken their erotic energy was due to a lack of self-awareness, understanding the necessary tools and, most importantly, a lack of PRACTICE.

Exploring and developing the skills of eroticism and intimacy in sexual relationships is a lot like learning how to drive a car.

You can read all of the books in the world about traffic laws and how to drive.

But you don’t ACTUALLY become a good driver until you’ve gone out (hopefully in a safe place and with guidance) and put the hours in behind the wheel.

Was there a way we could help people not just learn the theory – but “practice” exploring their eroticism and building intimacy in a controlled, safe environment?

No one in the world of human sexuality was doing anything remotely like this. They were focusing on understanding the theories and the “why” behind sex, relationships, and intimacy.

But it was all one-way communication and education.

No REAL interaction, no REAL practice of what it feels like to be in honest, gentle, loving, true intimacy.

This was the missing piece. 

The missing “How”.

At the time we were both nearing the end of our programs and thinking about what we were going to do next. 

And in a moment of bravery and authenticity, we decided to take this kernel of an idea and turn it into something REAL.

For the first time in our lives, we were actually deeply EXCITED about the work we were doing. 

Not just happy about the idea but – buzzing with our whole minds and bodies.

And that is when we started what would later become the Somatica Institute.

We took all of the exciting information and theory we had learned from our life-long studies and research, and combined that with something we later called “The Relationship Lab.”

Here, the participants would actually practice what they were learning in real time with each other and with us.


Somatica Community Hangout

(We pulled lots of late nights, brainstorming, and planning sessions to put that first version of the training together.)

We ran a few sessions of this training and were shocked by the results.

This wasn’t dry academic research – this was live, this was real, this was us… 

Watching these people break down barriers in real-time, Celeste remembers thinking to herself,

“Standing in front of the class and sharing all we had learned was one of the most elated moments of my life. It was a natural high! I was like, THIS is what I was built to do, I was made for THIS!”

Once we saw just how effective this approach was, we started doing it again and again.

And not only were we helping the people who participated in the training find deeper intimacy and enhanced sexual fulfillment.

We also learned a lot about ourselves and about relationships in the process.

Then one day, we looked up and realized

we had created our own dream careers. 

Built around our passion for helping others find greater joy and fulfillment through their sexuality.

Instead of dreading each day …

We were filled with energy and excitement. 

But pretty soon we realized there was NO way the two of us would ever be able to keep up with the demand. 

The world was FULL of individuals and couples who were STARVING for someone to guide them through this process of erotic awakening and deepening of intimacy.

There was a moment when Danielle was talking to a colleague who really wanted coaching from us, but we had no availability for several months.

“Is there someone else you can refer me to in the meantime?” they asked.

Danielle paused for a moment,

mind racing over the options, and thought –

“Damn, there is no one I can refer them to…”

And that is the moment the true Somatica Revolution was born.

We decided it was time to clone ourselves and teach others how to use our method. 

Somatica Community

Introducing the Somatica Training and Certification

If you, like us, have always felt a deep fascination with all things related to sexuality and eroticism…

If you’ve always had a limitless curiosity to learn more and understand the “Why” and “How” behind this foundational aspect of our lives…

Then the Somatica Training will give you the tools to not only transform and deepen your own erotic nature and intimate relationships.

It will also give you all the tools you need to help others do so as well.

Can you imagine a life where you have fully integrated your deepest passion with what you do day-to-day?

Can you imagine the fulfillment you will feel as you deepen your own erotic nature and relationship skills?

And the fulfillment you’ll feel as you help others break down internal barriers and expand into their fullest, truest self?

This training gives you all the tools to start a new and rewarding future as a Somatica Sex Coach.

What’s Included:

The Somatica Training is made up of 6 modules: 

Module 1 – The Emotional Foundations

  • Why emotional empowerment is the foundation for sexuality and intimacy
  • The secrets to tuning in to yourself and your true feelings
  • How to understand and establish boundaries in a way that is healthy and empowering
  • How to deal with trauma in the sexual landscape and turn it into an opportunity to grow

Module 2 – Consent, Attachment, and Sharing Erotic Energy

  • The true nature of attachment and how to manage it in a healthy manner
  • Powerful ways to de-shamifying sexuality and release any artificial limits on your inner erotic power 
  • How to use the “inner child” to rekindle the joyful curiosity essential for true fulfillment
  • How to unleash the almost magical power of sharing erotic energy

Module 3 – Repair Basics, Inner Child, and Core Desires

  • Understand the key “Three Dimensions of Sex” and how to utilize them for maximum fulfillment
  • The basics of repair, and why it is essential to keep intimacy and eroticism alive 
  • The true nature of triggers and how to manage them to promote deeper intimacy
  • Discover how the underlying currents of social differences affect relationships and sexuality 
  • Understand the age old mystery of what actually turns different people on and why 
  • How to design the relationship you desire and works best for YOU (Mono, Poly, Open, etc.)

Module 4 – Socialization, Identity, and Sharing Desires

  • Moving Beyond Gender Socialization
  • Awareness of Your Own and Your Client’s Identities
  • Reclaiming Full Erotic Self-Expression
  • Sharing Desires
  • Surviving Rejection
  • Disinhibition

Module 5 – Enhancing Pleasure, Dating, and Dysfunction

  • Giving and Receiving
  • Meeting and Dating
  • Orgasms: Anatomy, Physiology, and Expansion
  • Exploring and Deshamifying Toys
  • The Most Common Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Sex Across the Ability Spectrum

Module 6 – Hottest Sexual Movies and Repair

  • How to expand the menu with “Hottest Sexual Movies“
  • Discover your own personal Hottest Sexual Movie 
  • Understand the main Hottest Sexual Movie archetypes (spiritual/earth-based, romantic, passionate, dominant/submissive)
  • Challenging Hottest Sexual Movies


As part of the Somatica Training, you will engage in experiential practice sessions with other students. 

In these sessions, you begin to embody the role of coach and practice your coaching leadership skills.

This is where theory becomes REAL and the

true transformational growth occurs.

These practice sessions are the “secret sauce” that will give you the confidence you need – not only to build the kind of intimate relationships you desire, but also the confidence to help anyone do the same. 


During the training, you will also complete 2-4 hours of weekly reading to enhance your understanding of intimacy, arousal, trauma, repair, attachment and so much more. 

We’ve chosen books that will give you a great overview of resources in the field. We encourage you to explore additional books on related topics you want to understand more deeply.

Coupled with the rest of the training, you will also engage in 1-2 hours of thought-provoking home-study assignments. This includes 12 practice sessions with other students, clients, colleagues, friends, and/or partners outside of class. 

These assignments will help you see how the material relates to you personally, help you start to think like a Somatica coach, and get you started on practicing out in the world.

Once you complete the initial 6 modules, you will be prepared to start seeing clients as a sex and relationship coach while you are finishing your certification! 

You will also be added to the Somatica Alumni group. Here you will be able to connect with everyone who has ever graduated from the Somatica Training, and get valuable feedback and guidance as you embark on your new career as a sex and relationship coach.

Can you imagine feeling at home with a group of growth-driven, supportive individuals who actively LIVE the values of inclusion, diversity, and connection?

The Somatica Revolution

The Somatica Method is revolutionizing the face of human sexual relationships across the globe.

You may have already had a small taste of how your own life has improved as you’ve explored and embraced your own sexuality.

Millions of people desperately need the guidance and help that only YOU can give them with what you’ll learn inside the Somatica Training.

Can you imagine how it would feel to replace the monotony of your current day-to-day with the purpose of helping individuals and couples understand and experience deep and fulfilling intimacy in their lives?

Can you imagine being included in this wave of erotic awakening and healthy sexuality sweeping across the globe?

You have an important part to play in this world-changing movement. 



How to get started with the Somatica Training

We are taking applications for the 2022 Somatica Training that begins on April 1st! 

Here are the upcoming dates for the Spring 2022 Training:

Module 1: April 1 – 3, 2022

Module 2: April 29 – May 1, 2022

Module 3: June 3 – 5, 2022

Module 4: June 24 – 26, 2022

Module 5: July 22 – 24, 2022

Module 5: August 19 – 21, 2022

Hours are: 8:30 – 11:00am and 11:45am – 2:15pm Pacific Time, Friday – Sunday (with a break from 11 – 11:45am).

In order to keep the training as tailored and personal as possible, spaces are limited (and right now there are only a handful left!).


We encourage you to take the time to find out

if the Somatica Training is right for you. 

Join our free 1 hour Q&A Zoom call, with us (Celeste and Danielle) and receive $200 off of your tuition.

How do I know if this is for me?

Joining in the Somatica Training obviously represents a significant commitment of time and resources. 

But we don’t expect you to apply straight away.

If you feel called even in the slightest to participate in this life-changing training – either for your own personal growth or to begin a new rewarding career as a Somatica Sex Coach – we recommend you register for our upcoming live Q&A session.

(Yes, there are some special elements to the training that are too valuable and sensitive to reveal on this page.)

That way we can explore what this training would look like for you and see if it makes sense for your situation.

It is a fun, easy, zero risk way for you to make an informed decision about taking this exciting next step in your life. 

Dr. Recommend Somatica
Steve, MD, Somatica Training Online, 2020

This Doctor Thinks Somatica is The Best Medicine.

I want to express my deepest personal, marital, and professional gratitude to both of you for your most stimulating expression of yourselves through your work at Somatica. I am sincerely blown away by the profound impact my experience with you and the Somatica modules, and my classmates have had on me personally, in my relationship with my wife, and with my patients in my primary care practice.

Simply put, you have changed my life. I want to share with you that I am 55 years old, have been in a relationship with my soul mate for 28 years, and am a practicing physician for 28 years. For the first time ever, I am truly getting to know myself and my wife, and to see a much more enjoyable way to serve my patients through what you have taught me in Somatica.

In my life, I like to boil things down to their “irreducible” elements. In fitness, there are about five functional movements essential for life (the squat, press, push, pull, and lift). Mechanical consistency of these movements is essential for independent living, and those who perform them with their greatest intensity are better fit for whatever they want to do in life. That is why I do and own CrossFit.

In Somatica, you have brilliantly reduced human relationships to individuation and connection, core wounds, and core desires and integrated this with the most powerful human bond and energy of eroticism. So simple, it’s brilliant. I love it. I can’t get enough of it intellectually and can’t dive deep enough emotionally and relationally. I cannot envision a time in my life when I will not be living out of, teaching, or connected to Somatica.

My deepest gratitude and sincerest thanks.

Embracing this powerful part of our nature and making it the main focus of our careers has brought untold new energy and vibrancy to our lives.

There is NO reason you have to accept a mundane, tedious life.

Not while there is a second sexual revolution sweeping the globe…

You CAN build a rewarding life and career based around your passion for sex and relationships.

Get ready for a wild ride of discovery, growth, and deep lasting fulfillment as you join us on this exciting journey.

(Seats are filling up quickly so be sure to book your Q&A call while you still can!)


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