Online Student Evaluation

During the course of the training, you will need to offer 12 sessions to fellow students, clients, partners, or friends during which you are in the role of the practitioner. Each time you do a session, the person in the client’s role should fill out this feedback form about how you guided them and engaged in the session.

In order to practice the materials while they are fresh in your memory, we suggest that you do 2 sessions after each module. You will have 1 month after the last module to complete all 12 practice sessions. Focus on a different tool for each session and make sure you practice at least one tool (or more) from each module. We highly recommend you take time at the end of the session for your practice client to fill out the feedback form and submit it so that you know it is complete.

The feedback forms are anonymous because we want your practice clients to be able to be completely honest. The feedback forms are not a test – we will be using the feedback forms to help you in your growth as practitioners and will follow up with you around certain skills if we hear that you need some improvement.

Please make sure that your practice client fills out your name and your email address. You are supposed to get an email confirmation every time a practice client fills out an evaluation. Please keep the emails for your records so you can track your progress.

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