Somatica Personal Growth Course

Experience More Love, Pleasure, and Self-acceptance in Your Personal Life

The world needs more compassion. But in order to inspire change, we have to start with ourselves by prioritizing love and sex in our personal lives. The best way is through a holistic mind-body approach, which encourages you to truly think about, feel, and practice the tools that help you achieve the freeing, fulfilling life you desire.

Here’s where the Somatica Training comes in. 

As a powerful experiential process, the Somatica Training can help you expand your belief systems, skills, and knowledge around intimacy, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with others. 

If you’re ready to unlock the power of pleasure through somatic training, the Somatica personal growth course can help you transform your life, and those around you. 

Why Explore Somatica’s Training for Personal Growth? 

Improving your relationship with yourself and others starts with learning and practicing new communication and intimacy tools you can confidently embrace in the real world. 

We provide a safe space where you learn how to share who you are emotionally and erotically — without the fear of feeling misunderstood or rejected by loved ones. During collaborative sessions, you’ll get feedback from Somatica teachers, group leaders, and fellow students so you can better understand yourself and help others understand themselves more fully. From there, you can start identifying and transforming habits that keep you from connecting with others and living the life you deeply desire.

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 Friday, June 9th, 2023 @ 11am PT

What Is the Somatica Personal Growth Course?

As an accredited educational facility, the Somatica Institute offers a personal growth course designed to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to: 

  • Grow your self acceptance, so you can feel comfortable being vulnerable with others. When your true authentic self can shine, you’ll feel more confident showing who you really are — and expressing what you need in life and in love. 
  • Heal your wounds and other traumas, which may cause you to protect yourself in a way that hinders intimacy and satisfaction. 
  • Identify and practice new ways of increasing love and pleasure in your relationships and life using talk, experiential, and hands-on exercises.

Some key topics the course covers:

  • Reclaiming your full erotic self expression
  • Understanding emotional empowerment basics (resilience and self-regulation)
  • Uncovering the truth about core desires — what turns people on and why
  • Surviving rejection and allowing yourself to feel free and practice self love 

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Why Choose This Course?

The Somatica Institute offers the training you need to better express your desires, expand self love, and feel more aware and balanced. You’ll also have access to  these benefits: 

How Is the Course Structured?

The Somatica Institute’s personal growth course will transform your life and help you inspire others along your journey to becoming embodied. The course includes: 

  • Completing the online Somatica Core Training (modules 1 through 6 of the curriculum).
  • Attending a five-day, in-person immersion retreat — Held a couple hours north of San Francisco, California, the retreat (2024 date TBD) will help you expand and deepen your connections in the Somatica community, as well as apply what you’ve learned. 

Our dynamic combination of online and in-person training allows you to gain more self-awareness and intimacy skills that will give you the confidence to enhance your own relationships. 

How Much Does the Somatica Personal Growth Course Cost? 

Tuition for the Somatica personal growth course is $10,310, which includes:

Discounts and Payment Plan

  • $500 pay-in-full discount
  • $200 early bird discount (if you apply by April 30th).
  • You can opt in to a 12-payment payment plan of $735 a month (10% APR is included in the payment plan)


Join us and Master the Art of Transformation Through Pleasure™.

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