Somatica Personal Growth Course

Change Your Life with the Somatica Personal Growth Course

The Somatica Training invites you into a powerful personal process where you will expand your belief systems around sexuality and relationships. You will change your life and inspire the people around you to change theirs as well. If you love to learn and grow and feel ready to take a deep-dive into your personal exploration around sexuality, intimacy, and relationships, the Somatica personal growth course is right for you.

Grow Confidence in Your True Self

In the training, you will be encouraged to share yourself vulnerably. This will help you develop the trust that you don’t need to hide, and that it is good and safe to share who you really are. By clarifying what you need emotionally and erotically, you will grow confident in your true self and be able to express your desires. You will increase self-love and feel more aware and balanced.

Dalia Perez
Dalia, Somatica Training, 2013

I’ve discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself

Somatica has been hugely transformational for me both personally and professionally. Before becoming a practitioner, I was a client who experienced very low desire and believed I was not a sexual being. I feel sadness as I remember the false beliefs I thought were true. So not true! I’ve discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself. I also learned to be vulnerable in my relationships. Because of my own personal transformation, I decided Somatica was the work that I wanted to do in the world and I love what I do! My ongoing training in the method continues to increase my skills as a practitioner and expand my understanding of myself as a sexual being.

Take the Fastest Path to Better Relationships

If you want better relationships in your life, you cannot simply promise yourself you will do something different next time. You have to learn and practice new tools. As a result, the only way to know you can actually do it is to practice these tools experientially. It is possible to learn who you are, what you want, and to grow and change. Experiential group work is the most efficient and effective way to do that.

Get Real-Time Practice in Successful Relating

With our somatic training process, you learn step-by-step how to know and share who you are emotionally and erotically. You practice relational tools and experience how different approaches lead to better results. With each practice, you access more aliveness. You feel the freedom to be who you are sexually. The ability to move through relational challenges will be second nature to you, and you feel finally ready to create the life and relationships you want. 

Discover The Magic of Multiple Mirrors

There is nothing like having deep relationships with multiple people – all at the same time – to help you see your patterns. Our Somatica personal growth course is a safe, loving environment where you will be able to get reflections from teachers, group leaders, assistants, and fellow students about how they are impacted by you. This mirroring is the quickest way to identify old habits that limit your ability to have the connections you most deeply desire.

Identify and Work Your Growing Edge

Once you have an idea of your patterns, you will receive help from your group leaders to identify your growing edge. There are so many ways childhood wounds cause us to protect ourselves and hinder intimacy and satisfaction. But you can shift those old habits.

By practicing experientially and bringing an attitude of non-judgment, curiosity, and self-acceptance, you will start to integrate new ways of relating that increase love and pleasure in your life. Each forward step you take will be celebrated heartily, and when you repeat the old pattern (because we all do), you will be held with love and gentleness.

Join a Loving, Supportive Community

One of the most beautiful parts of this personal growth course is our community. There is an amazing bonding you experience as you go through this deep process of transformation together. You connect with a community of like-minded friends and colleagues who fully see and support you. They celebrate each step of your growth, love you through the painful moments, and continue to support you in your life and career beyond the training.

Many students end up being close friends, visiting one another in different parts of the country and the world, and even collaborating with one another professionally. Once you have taken the online training, you can also join a 5-day in-person Immersion Retreat in the Bay Area where you can expand and deepen your connections in the Somatica community.  After your personal growth course, you will be added to the Facebook group of Somatica Graduates yet one more way to continue to connect with the larger Somatica family online.

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