Somatica 2018 Advanced Training

Mastering Client Retention and Satisfaction

If you’ve ever seen a coaching master at work, you might marvel at their insight – how is it that they seem to be able to read their client’s minds and know exactly what their clients deepest fears and challenges are? Certainly part of this is simply having a lot of practice, but another very important part is having a typology that uses specific indicators to help you sort and hypothesize about a client much more accurately and efficiently.

An advanced practitioner understands the complexity of people’s wounds and challenges, can discern the particular challenges, protective mechanisms, and strengths of the client in front of them and offers leadership based on this knowledge. One of the most effective ways to do this is to understand client’s character, a set of protective mechanisms that arise from a client’s particular childhood wounding. As Somatica Practitioners, we do not offer traditional psychotherapeutic interventions, instead, using this foundational knowledge to work with clients within the intimate and erotic Somatica client-practitioner relationship.

Building a successful practice as a coach can feel like a real struggle as you go out in the world and try to fill your practice with clients. The real magic of a successful practitioner is not only about marketing your practice, it is about becoming the most skilled practitioner you can be, which is actually the foundation of good marketing. When your clients feel the depth of your commitment to them, your understanding of their core issues, and your leadership skills in changing the destructive habits that arise from their protective strategies, they will trust you to guide them through the relational and sexual challenges they face.

You will help them learn to face their deepest vulnerabilities and step out into new and often scary or uncomfortable experiences. In our Advanced Training, we will take you from being a beginner practitioner to the next level of proficiency and growth. This will lead to the highest level of client satisfaction and therefore client retention. Clients who trust your understanding of them and of the people with whom they are trying to relate emotionally and sexually stay long enough for you to give them all of the beautiful gifts of learning and growth you have to offer. When they feel helped and supported, they will tell their friends and other helping professionals about your brilliance and your work!

Omg, How is it possible that Somatica just keeps getting so much better the more I learn and practice it ?!? Just WOW!

Pam, Somatica Advanced Training, 2017
Los Altos, CA

Learn 3 Key Principles that Make a Difference

In our Somatica Advanced Training, you will learn and practice the 3 Key Principles of client retention and satisfaction and how to smoothly incorporate them into your practice.

Key Principle #1: Develop The Relationship

Your relationships with your clients are the most important part of the Somatica Method. Learning how to connect vulnerably and honestly with your clients will help them feel safe accepting your guidance and support. You will learn how to deepen your relationships with your clients but better understanding yourself and therefore being able to share more vulnerability in a way that helps your clients to feel connected and overcome the shame and discomfort they might have around their protective strategies and their sexuality.

Key Principle #2: Understand Your Own and Your Client’s Emotional and Erotic Make-Up

In the Somatica Core Training, you learned some basic typologies to help you sort different people’s experiences. Gender is one of these typologies (as we can see that men and women are socialized differently which affect how they relate in the world. Another typology we used was attachment styles – noting how people’s attachment styles impact their lives and their relationships and working with people who have different styles in different ways.

In this training, we will study the more complex typology of Character Strategy, as well as how it impacts our emotional and sexual desires and protective strategies. You will also learn how to work with each Character Type in the Somatica way. Character Strategy was conceived by early psychologists as a way to understand key differences in how people relate to their partners, family, friends and other people in general. Once you understand Character, your own and other’s, you will hold the key to experience so much more intimacy with your clients as well as supporting their transformation. People with different characters have Erotic Imprints that correspond to these Character Strategies so you will also be better able to pinpoint your client’s sexual needs – where they came from and what they need in order to feel met.

Key Principle #3: Tracking and Sharing The Big Picture

You will learn the skills that you need to be able to understand the big picture and communicate it to your clients ongoing so they will always feel held and supported by you and feel that you know what you are doing. You will learn how to create a roadmap of growth using all of the tools you learned in the Core Training. Your client will trust your guidance if you know where they are on their growth path and keep them engaged in the process.

It has been profound for me to discover the character strategies that I have been using

I was really surprised by the way in which these strategies play out in my life. Working through unearthing the way in which my life has been impacted by these strategies and then experiencing the compassion of a practitioner in connection to me in regards to the character strategies I have been using, gave me a deeper understanding of how to extend that same compassion to myself and my clients. To have a palpable experience with active compassion in that way, caused me to recognize how easily I can be generously compassionate with other people, but until I let myself receive it from another I wasn’t able to know how to give it to myself. Beyond that, relationships that had road blocks to connection, like the one with my ex-husband, shifted substantially through having a deeper understanding of the strategies we both use that are built out of response to early childhood wounds. My compassion towards him has increased. It’s like concentric circles towards deeper connection and intimacy.

Jaime, Advanced Training, 2017
Nevada City, CA

For Whom

The Advanced Training in Somatica is for students who have graduated from the Somatica Core Training. It is for practitioners who want to master their Somatica skills more deeply and better magnetize and support their client’s growth by deepening their understanding of client Character and the practitioner/client relationship.

What You Get

  • 5 days full of theory and practice
  • Direct feedback from Celeste & Danielle on your unique learning edge with practices on how to excel/li>
  • Successful approaches to invite, enroll, and inspire new clients
  • A roadmap to understand your own and your client’s Character Strategies and how they relate to emotional needs and Erotic Imprints
  • A template to create an individual Client Growth Roadmap
  • Advanced Somatica methods and skills
  • Preparation for Level 2 Certification

A really exciting thing for me is this feeling of being able to explore

You teach in a way that gives us the opportunity to experiment and explore. That’s great for me personally and professionally. I’m the kind of person that will freak out and then have to go figure it out and come back. And now I feel like I can stay in the situation and figure it out live. Having a roadmap of how to do that is amazing.

Jeff, Advanced Training, 2017
Central Valley, CA

2018 Dates

    July 12-16

    Thursday: 9:30am-5:30pm
    Friday-Sunday: 9:30am-6:30
    Monday: 9:30am-5:30pm


Prerequisites: Complete the Somatica Core Training.


Tuition is $2200. Upon acceptance, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be requested to hold your space in the training. Early bird fee paid in full before May 15, 2018 is $2000. We offer payment plans and are happy to set up a plan with you. Repeat students are welcome to retake the training for $1500, with early bird fee being $1250.

* Get additional $200 off by signing up for both the 2018 Couples and the Advanced trainings.

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Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the training 30 days or more prior to the first day of the program, you will be refunded all tuition paid less your non-refundable $500 Tuition Deposit. If you choose to withdraw from the training for any reason whatsoever less than 30 days before the first day of the program, or should you miss any individual class sessions, you will be held responsible for payment of the full tuition. If you are on a payment plan and have not yet paid in full, you will remain legally responsible for the entire outstanding balance of your unpaid tuition. No exceptions will be made.