Somatica Core Training

What is The Somatica Core Training?

The Somatica Core Training is a 6-month, 4 module training in The San Francisco Bay Area that offers you a profound journey into your own personal growth and transformation in the realm of sex and relationships, and can offer you effective tools on your journey to becoming a Sex Coach or Relationship Coach.

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The Somatica Method is a holistic, loving and systematic approach to sex coaching and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries, live emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives, and experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships. The skills required for success in sex and relationships are learnable and the Somatica training offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to learning these skills. By practicing vulnerability and deep connection with others in the training you will learn the pathway and tools you need to create profoundly fulfilling and passionate sex and relationships.

Somatica training 2016 - Celeste and DanielleThe Somatica approach is a pleasure-based, interactive and experiential. We have based all of the Somatica tools on up-to-date neuroscience research about how people learn, connect and experience personal growth. Through this compassionate and revealing process you will experience your own personal transformation. At the same time, you will learn how to help your clients change unhealthy emotional patterns, overcome sexual difficulties, and embrace their deepest longings. Somatica will help you create the sex, relationships and personal paths that are right for you and help you expand the work you are doing with your clients way beyond what you thought was possible.

The training takes place over four, 5-day weekends. Graduates of this training can then attend advanced trainings and supervision groups offered by Celeste & Danielle and other Certified Somatica Practitioners.

2019 Dates

  • Module 1: April 25-29
  • Module 2: June 6-10
  • Module 3: August 1-5
  • Module 4: September 26-30

Thursday-Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm, Monday 9:30am-3pm. (September’s Module Monday hours are 9:30am-5:30pm).

Somatica changed my life personally and professionally

I came to the training after realizing that traditional therapy alone was not getting at what was deeply stuck in me. As the training progressed I knew I had made the right choice as the parts of me that felt calcified started to soften. I found my way back to myself and to a profound sense of aliveness, joy, freedom, and connection. The Somatica training was not only a personally transformative experience, it also prepared me for the most fulfilling work I have ever done. I have since started my own practice as a Somatica trained Sex and Relationship Coach. Celeste and Danielle have developed a one of a kind method and are absolutely brilliant practitioners, teachers, and mentors!

Elena, Somatica Core Training, 2014
Albuquerque, NM

A Sex Coach Training that Will Change Your Life and Your Career

Your Life – Embrace Your Path

The Somatica training invites you into a powerful personal process where you will meet and expand your belief systems around sexuality and relationship, move beyond shame, and learn to communicate your own needs, feelings and boundaries so you can have deeper, more passionate and exciting connections in your life.

Your Career – Inspire Others

There is nothing more inspiring or satisfying than claiming your own deepest emotional and sexual desires and then teaching others how to do the same. In this training, you will bring your full emotional and erotic self into connection with your fellow students in an environment where your needs for safety and boundaries will always be respected. By doing this, you can transform your own life and relationships while learning how to give support, guidance, and feedback to clients. If you are taking this training because you already have a practice or are just starting your career, you will emerge from the training with a rich theoretical background and practical tools to work with clients’ most pressing sex and relationship concerns. This training is a tremendous step in your journey to becoming a skilled and emphatic sex coach or relationship coach.

I've discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself

Somatica has been hugely transformational for me both personally and professionally. Before becoming a practitioner, I was a client who experienced very low desire and believed I was not a sexual being. I feel sadness as I remember the false beliefs I thought were true. So not true! I've discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself. I also learned to be vulnerable in my relationships. Because of my own personal transformation, I decided Somatica was the work that I wanted to do in the world and I love what I do! My ongoing training in the method continues to increase my skills as a practitioner and expand my understanding of myself as a sexual being.

Dalia, Somatica Core Training, 2013
Berkeley, CA

Who are Our Students?

Somatica training 2016 studentsSomatica students come from all over the US and the world. They want to learn about themselves and about who they are in relationships, and to expand their sexuality. They are ready to take a leap in their personal growth and career. They are explorers, adventurers, and professionals who are interested in transforming their own relationships and careers.

The Somatica Core Training is for you if…

  • You love to learn and grow and feel ready to take a deep dive into your own personal exploration and growth around sexuality, intimacy, and relationships
  • You are the person that everyone always talks to about their sex lives and relationship because you are open and excited about the topics and you are ready to make these skills into a lucrative career
  • You want to learn more about sexuality and relationships so you can change your life and inspire the people around you
  • You are ready to change your career to something that really makes a difference in the world and offers you deep, personal fulfillment
  • You want a community of like-minded people around you to support you in your life and growth and love you through the painful, challenging moments
  • You have always known that your passion was supporting people in their growth around sex and relationships and are ready to embrace your dreams
  • You are a sex coach or relationship coach, therapist, bodyworker, Tantra practitioner or somatic healer who is looking to broaden your approach and your client base
  • You want a cohesive, holistic and systematic approach and rich toolkit that will change your life and give you the confidence to help your clients with all of their concerns

I absolutely love Somatica and all the people I’ve met along the way

Last year, I did the training as a means of personal growth with no ambitions to become a practitioner. I could say the same thing about this year, but that isn’t entirely accurate. As I grow and transition as a person, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the world of sex therapy, intimacy coaching, sex education, etc. is where I belong. My goal for the year is to gain a clearer idea of how I might fit into this world. I don’t know what my future will look like, but I know Somatica will have a strong presence in it. So, I’m back and ready to rock!

Ian, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

Join a Loving, Supportive Community

One of the most beautiful parts of the training is the amazing bonding that you experience as you go through this deep process of transformation together. By exposing yourselves vulnerably, learning to share who you are emotionally and erotically, and learning to move through challenges, this group of people can see and support you deeply. By going through the training, you will connect with this amazing community of friends and colleagues who can continue to support you in your life and career.

In addition to the 4 modules, we offer community events that you can attend as well as ongoing facebook groups to connect all the students where you can share ideas, experiences, feelings, housing, rides, and fun events during and between modules. In advanced trainings, other workshops and events, you can meet and bond with the larger Somatica community.

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What Will I Learn in this Sex Coach Training?

Embodiment and Mindfulness

Somatica core training 2016 - women laughingYou will lead and be lead through experiences of embodiment, breathwork, and inhibition-releasing movement so that you can more fully inhabit your body and feel your sensations, arousal and emotions. The foundation of intimacy and sexuality is mindfulness – this means learning self-awareness, awareness of others, and responsiveness to your body’s needs and messages. Through embodiment practices you will get in touch with your body as a source of wisdom and choicefullness!

Boundaries and Consent

You will experience the essential nature of boundaries and the importance of consent and how they will help you gain empowerment and healthy relationships. This means learning to identify your own boundaries, knowing when you do and when you do not want to consent, and communicating all of this lovingly and effectively. It also means listening to others boundaries, finding out how they want to be asked for and give consent, and staying connected even when you feel rejection or disappointment. You will get to explore your boundaries and your relationship to consent and learn how to offer and receive boundaries and consent or a lack of consent in a way that creates deeper trust and intimacy.

Moving Beyond Shame

Shame is a force that all of us contend with in our lives which comes up particularly strongly around sex and relationships. Exposure in a safe, accepting and loving container is the antidote to shame and Somatica offers this container so you can move beyond shame allowing you more deeply into your body and your pleasure. Moving through shame allows you to open yourself to connection and experience a greater sense of personal freedom.

Attachment, Individuation and the Inner Child

Somatica Training 2016 - AttachmentIn Somatica, we emphasize the balance between every person’s need for attachment (love) and individuation (acceptance). In the training, you will explore your own history and patterns around attachment. You will learn how to deepen your attachment with your loved ones and to create a healthy attachment-based relationship with your clients. You will see how childhood hurts shaped your attachment style and what you need to accept and love about yourself so you can feel more secure.

Fully Embracing Sexuality

You will be introduced to and learn how to introduce your clients to a large erotic menu, and help them identify what they would like to try on that menu. You will develop your understanding of how arousal and desire work and you will be able to pass the skills and vocabulary on to your clients. You will help your clients let go of the idea that sex should just happen so that they can approach sex as something to cultivate on an ongoing basis. By doing this, you can help your clients create a sex life that is right and fulfilling for them.

Discover, Explore, and Understand Your Unique Sexual Template

You will dive into a process of understanding how your own sexuality was shaped and discover your specific core emotional needs around sexuality. You will learn to support your fellow students and clients in discovering their sexual template as well. You will take a dive into your sexual history and see how to gain insight into your own and other’s growth opportunities by learning more about where they’ve already been and what they’ve tried.

Understand Oppression/Privilege as They Relate to Sex and Intimacy

In order to connect with the vast diversity of people around you and work with a diverse population of clients, it is essential that you are aware of how power, privilege, and oppression play out in every moment of your own life and other’s lives including in their sexual and intimate relationships. You will find out how these dynamics can become part of people’s sexual desires as well as their feelings about themselves and one another. You will become aware of your own privileges and oppressions and bring this awareness with you in your interpersonal and professional encounters.

How to Help Women Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

You will help women move beyond their negative socialization around sexuality to reclaim and revitalize their emotional and erotic selves. You will help them reclaim and embody their sexuality so that they can feel more empowered in the world and in their relationships. You will help them express their needs and feelings in a clear, loving, and connected way so they can have emotional and sexual connection and fulfillment.

How to Help Men Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

Somatica training 2016 - Empower MenYou will help men overcome their negative socialization around emotions so they can feel and connect more deeply with partners. You will help them accept themselves and their own, embodied desires so they can walk in the world in a way that is confident as opposed to shut down or “creepy”. You will help them become connected and sensual lovers so that they can feel the power of having something to offer that their partners really want.

How to Turn Relationship Challenges into Opportunities for Intimacy

One of the most important skills that you need to have in order to maintain long-term, emotionally and sexually intimate relationships is to be able to handle moments of challenge, discomfort and conflict in a way that increases as opposed to deteriorating your connections.

Understanding the ways you have been hurt can give you great insight into your triggers and gentleness around them as well as empathy for the challenges of the people you love. You will explore your own and other’s emotional triggers, responding as opposed to reacting when something is challenging or upsetting. Through awareness, self-soothing skills and relational tools, you will learn how to vote for connection instead of protection. You will also learn how to repair your connections in the midst of the inevitable challenges and hurts that come with bravely opening yourself to love and desire.

Relational tools include sharing your feelings vulnerably as opposed to blaming, shaming or accusing, loving listening, shared inner child care and other connection tools to repair and deepen intimacy in challenging moments. You will also learn more advanced tools to balance attachment and individuation in your own lives and to help your clients to have both of these core needs met.

I walk around the world with so much more confidence, I really feel like it should be required learning for everyone

Anytime anyone asks me about the Somatica Core Training, I tell them, whether or not you are going to be a sex and relationship coach, you should take the training. I didn't realize how much shame and confusion I had about my sexuality. Now, after taking Somatica, I feel so empowered in my sex life and relationships. I walk around the world with so much more confidence, I really feel like it should be required learning for everyone. The world would be such a better place if we were all having great sex and relationships.

Joui, 2013 Somatica Core Training
San Francisco, CA

What Will I Get?

Supervised Practice Groups Between Modules

In between modules and after the last module, we suggest you have at least 12 practice sessions with fellow students and friends (3 per module). To help you complete this goal, we will organize some practice groups in San Francisco, the East Bay, North Bay, and South Bay. Celeste and Danielle and some group leaders also attend some of these groups. These practice groups are another opportunity to ask questions and have supervised sessions where you can get valuable feedback and deepen your skills in the method. It’s also a great way to get coaching sessions on your current personal growth goals. If you decide to get certified in the method, these practice sessions are one of your certification requirements.

The Marketing Skills you Need

In order to be able to share your gifts with the world, the world needs to know about you. That is why we spend some time during the final module of the training focusing on marketing your business. We want to support you in building a thriving, successful and prosperous practice so that you will be able to help as many people as possible while being able to care for yourself, renew and rejuvenate when needed.

You will learn:

  • How to Identify the Right Clients for
  • How to Approach Online Marketing
  • How to Focus on Marketing that is Right for You
  • How to Pitch Your Work Anytime, Anywhere
  • How to Tell People What You Do

A Training Manual and a Copy of Cockfidence and Making Love Real

Upon arrival, you will receive a comprehensive Training Manual with many of the Somatica practices in it and two of the foundational readings for the course that Celeste and Danielle authored, Cockfidence and Making Love Real. We also offer you a list of readings that will help you get an even more well-rounded survey of the field of sex coaching and relationship coaching. For each module, we offer you a list of readings that are pertinent to the training.

Bonus Online Course

If you want to get started as soon as you are accepted, this year’s training includes a bonus online self-guided course. This optional, self-guided course prepares you for the first module. You will receive an email thread before the first module, as well as reading materials, videos, a reading list for each module, and assignments or worksheets to get you on your path and prepare you for all that Somatica has to offer. Since people are coming to the training with different goals and background levels, you can decide whether you want to participate in this part of the training.

Community Experiences and Field Trips

Group leaders and other Somatica grads are invested in continuing to build community and generously host community events in their homes and spaces. After a long day of working through all you are learning, imagine sinking into some relaxing event with music, potluck, great conversations and the warmth and hugs you need. As a student, you are also welcome to organize events and field trips for your fellow students!

Private Facebook Groups

A couple of months before the training begins, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you can begin networking with your fellow students around shared housing and transportation. Once the class begins, this group will be a great place for announcements and support as you begin to see clients. You will also be added to a smaller, private Facebook for your homegroup in case there are more vulnerable feelings you only want to share with people with whom you’ve built more safety.

Ongoing Support

As a student, you take part in large group work as well as smaller, more intimate group work and processing. Each of the small groups will have a leader and an assistant who are there to help support you through your progress in the training. Your group leader will be keeping track of your progress and is there if you have questions or if things come up for you during the training that you need support with.

I have felt extraordinarily supported by the Somatica team, both personally and professionally

Throughout my experience as a student and now as a professional in the Somatica Method, I have felt extraordinarily supported by Celeste and Danielle and the other faculty and group leaders. Not only do I feel like they understand me on a personal level and care about my growth and feelings, but they have helped give me the confidence and support to really start to get my business up and running. To me, this is an invaluable part of the training

Tori, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Castro Valley, CA

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What Will I Be Able to Offer?

Somatica training 2016 - Intimacy.jpg

  • Secure attachment and greater self-expression
  • Embodied connection to their emotions and sexuality
  • Acceptance of who they are, their desires, needs, and boundaries
  • An ability to advocate for themselves out in the world
  • An understanding of boundaries, why they are necessary, and how to communicate them
  • A way to relate to other’s needs and boundaries without feeling pressure or rejection
  • Reduced shame – an understanding of how shame limits their joy and self-expression
  • The ability to be more soft and human with themselves and others
  • Ease, including less tension in their lives and bodies
  • A knowledge of what they want out of sex how to negotiate their desires with a partner
  • A broad definition of sex and what it can offer them including attachment, arousal, excitement, freedom, meeting core needs, healing from core wounds, fulfilling missing experiences, and more
  • A way to express themselves vulnerably which will help them connect with people in every area of their lives
  • Permission and support in living their life fully and unapologetically
  • Resilience in facing the fears that paralyze them including fear of disappointment, abandonment, loss and rejection
  • An attitude of non-judgment and curiosity
  • Perspective – a realistic view of what they actually can get out of being in a relationship (and what they cannot) so that they don’t miss out on all of the potential gifts they can receive
  • Real-time practice in relating

Want to find out more? Attend the Intro for the 2019 training on September 29th, 2018 and save $200 off of your Core Training Tuition
As you immerse in the Somatica training you will be learning, growing and improving your own relationships and relating skills. If you decide to become a Somatica Practitioner, the Core Training will help you bring your own personal growth and experiences to your life and work. We believe that the best practitioners “walk their talk” – using the tools you’ve learned in Somatica and living an empowered and fulfilling life as a result. As you integrate back into your community, you will see how many of the people around you need your open heart, your wisdom, your love, your skills and your ongoing help and support. Below are just a few of the personal, sexual and relational issues you can help people face.

When I am "working", I am not only serving the client, I am also serving my soul

Working in the Somatica method is more about a commitment to your soul. You do not leave yourself outside the room only to return to yourself at a later time. When I am "working", I am not only serving the client, I am also serving my soul. Because of the way Celeste and Danielle view the erotic expression of self, one could not connect with a client without first deeply respecting and loving oneself. To say their method is revolutionary is minimizing the gravity under which both client and practitioner can learn to relate in the world.

Keeley, Somatica Core Training, 2013
San Francisco, CA

You Will Help Men

Somatica core training 2016 man and woman

  • Overcome shame about their desires
  • Work through sexual dysfunctions including Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and delayed ejaculation
  • Date consciously including deciding who and how to date and how to deal with rejection
  • Relax their anxieties around sex
  • Face their insecurities about lovability and performance
  • Become connected and comfortable with their own and others emotions
  • Practice lifelong romantic, passionate and/or dominant seduction of their partners
  • Bring confident erotic energy, sensual touch and intoxicating words
  • Understand women
  • Identify and communicate their own sexual needs
  • Clarify their relationship to porn and address porn and sex addiction
  • Heal from and embrace their sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

You Will Help Women

  • Find out the underlying causes of their low desire so they can reignite or discover their interest in sex
  • Overcome insecurities about desirability, lovability
  • Address sexual dysfunction including anorgasmia or difficulty orgasming and pelvic pain
  • Gain clarity about their fantasies and desires
  • Learn to communicate clear boundaries and lower their chances of sexual violation and abuse
  • Ask for what they want lovingly and increase the likelihood they will get it
  • Deal with underlying pain and disappointment so they can shift unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Practice empowered dating – know what they want from partners and how to discern between sex and love
  • Experience the fulfillment of surrendering and receiving
  • Move beyond shame about sexual expression
  • Become familiar with their body and an expert on their own arousal
  • Heal from and embrace their sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

You Will Help Couples

  • Become creative and communicative to change long-term relationship sex from boring to mind-blowing
  • Move past their sexless marriage or low sex relationship to find a healthy sex life again
  • Learn more loving and connecting forms of communication and address long-term resentments
  • Heal from an affair
  • Bridge differences in desires
  • Negotiate around monogamy and non-monogamy
  • Heal from the effects of sexual dysfunction on the relationship

* Because of the unique challenges of working with couples, we also offer an advanced couples training.

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Is this Type of Coaching in Demand?

Whenever we explain that we offer experiential sex coaching and relationship coaching to anyone, their immediate response is, “My partner and I need you!” or “Experiential? I have a friend that needs your help right now!” Somatica Sex Coaches and Relationship Coaches are in very high demand. This is because there is a tremendous amount of need for this work and very few people with the personality and skills to offer it.

When clients get to us, they may have spent years in talk therapy, but still haven’t found a sense of joy and ease in their sex lives or relationships. They need someone who is willing and able to open their hearts and share connection and touch skillfully, someone who can gently and assuredly guide them through the process of becoming more embodied, emotionally and erotically connected, and interpersonally empowered. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there offering help who don’t have the skills and the adequate training to help. Because there is so much shame around sexuality and most people are not comfortable with touch and connection, there are so few people who are willing and able to do this kind of work. This is a very special calling and if you are drawn to this training you are the person who can truly help!

The Somatica Training gave me the tools and skills to work with my clients as well as deep insight and a pathway into my own and my client’s hearts

Celeste and Danielle are wonderful teachers and they’ve developed an amazing training that takes experiences that people struggle with and turns them into opportunities for healing, growth, and intimacy. And along the way, you’ll get support and care for your own healing and development.

Charlie, PhD, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Seattle, WA

Will I Really be Able to Help?

One of the things we are most proud of as founders and teachers of Somatica is how our students report back to us that the tools and the systematic methodology give them a sense of confidence in their skills. They tell us that they go back into their lives and are able to help their friends, family, partners and clients in their growth. The Somatica Training has something to offer people with every learning style. Whether you are visual, aural, verbal or physical (kinesthetic) learner, Somatica offers teachings for your style.

Somatica training 2016 - Helping

In the training you will learn in different settings to allow you to fully immerse in the learning experience:

  • Large-group lectures
  • Question and answer time
  • Session demonstrations
  • Small group processing time
  • Experiential one-on-one practice for every tool that you learn
  • An online portion of the training so you can look back on learning material and videos
  • A reading list full of books to flesh out what you are learning
  • Supervised practice groups between modules
  • Bonding time with your fellow students in class and fun evening events to help you get to know each other and feel safe and
  • comfortable learning together
  • We have assistants and support systems in place to track your progress and help you every step of the way

As a result of this in-depth, thorough learning process, you will not only have your own profound transformation, you will also be prepared to bring Somatica to your own relationship and help your clients and others in your life become more aware and fulfilled in their connections.

Somatica has landed in my body, not just my intellect. It feels part of my flesh; something that is mine now and will always be available to me

Thank you for this incredible body of work that you have created. On the day when I was set up to offer my first full session to a total stranger, I was nervous. I felt unprepared. But when I got into the session I realized that I had been exceptionally prepared: I had everything I needed. I had a whole toolbox of things to teach and share and witness. And I found that I also had access to an embodied wisdom inside of me that knew just how and why to use them. In that moment I realized how exquisitely this training had been crafted, how much care and thought and mastery has been distilled down into this set of techniques I now have in my back pocket.

I noticed that a certain attitude had been passed down to me: an open, enthusiastic curiosity about the person in front of me, and an unguarded, playful, forgiving presence in myself. Holding such an attitude about anything is an amazing feat. But to hold it about the things so culturally clamped down upon like sex, desire, shame, emotions, old wounds, etc. is revolutionary!!! I say passed down, because, the teachings have landed in my body, not just my intellect. They feel part of my flesh; something that is mine now and will always be available to me. Teaching through embodiment really works! Not only the way you teach by leading us to physically and emotionally practice but the way you manage to make yourselves, your own living structures of experience so open to us, so visible, so palpable, so available. This is how you manage to convey the philosophy of Somatica, which is this vital substrate, the context, that allows us the wisdom to know how to choose and wield these wonderful tools that are in the toolbox. Lots of trainings give out tools. Very few give this level of embodied wisdom.

Loving you for all the hours, tears, sweat and heart that have gone into this work. I can feel it.


Amanda, Somatica Core Training, 2016
Seattle, WA

Will I be Able to Get Clients?

While most trainings simply give you a philosophy or set of tools and then send you out in the world to try to reach clients without any idea of how to do so, in Somatica, we not only offer you a marketing seminar as part of the 4th module, we also offer advanced trainings and ongoing professional supervision to help you get your practice off the ground. Because we have built this business from the ground up, we can help you avoid the time-wasting pitfalls and the can teach you the skills to get your name out there as a coach. And, we cannot emphasize enough how much need and demand there is for this work. If you are willing to put in the time to network, market, and build a web presence, you can have a thriving practice.

Clients will keep coming back to you and send their friends to you because you will be able to offer them:

  1. Real Results: The Somatica method goes beyond talk-based methods and offers body-based, experiential learning that results in lasting transformation.
  2. Rapid Progress: Because people have real-time experiences of success in your office, they are more likely to quickly learn and integrate this learning into their day-to-day lives.
  3. Greater Expansion: as a Somatica practitioner, you will support your clients in going beyond okay and having amazing sex and extraordinary relationships.
  4. Real-Time Learning: You will be able to offer your clients experiential and practical tools that they can experience in session which gives them the confidence to make changes out in the world.
  5. Your Sexpertise: As a Somatica Sex Coach and Relationship Coach you will be a trained expert in both sexuality and relationship dynamics.

Somatica has been invaluable in helping me build a thriving practice

Somatica has had a profound effect on my life, both personally and professionally. I have learned and integrated deeper levels of love, connection, and compassion with myself and others through this work. As a result, all of my relationships have benefited and transformed for the better. The training has also given me the tools to be the best and most impactful practitioner and teacher I can be and have been invaluable in helping me build a thriving practice.

Kai, Somatica Core Training, 2013
San Francisco, CA

As is true of any learning program, going through the training does not guarantee that you will become a sex coach or relationship coach. Some people will have previous training, coaching, therapy, and personal growth experiences that make them more ready to step into a coaching role while others will need more repetition of the training materials as well as additional training to be ready for a career in Sex Coaching and Relationship Coaching.

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Hear All About the Somatica Method Training

Listen to a recording of a short conference call where we describe all aspects of the professional training in the Somatica Method and answer questions from future students: About Somatica Training – Conference Call Recording

Training Details

The training takes place over four, 5-day weekends from April to September of 2019. Graduates of this training can then attend advanced trainings and supervision groups offered by Celeste & Danielle and other Certified Somatica Practitioners.

2019 Dates

  • Module 1: April 25-29
  • Module 2: June 6-10
  • Module 3: August 1-5
  • Module 4: September 26-30

Thursday-Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm, Monday 9:30am-3pm.(September’s Module Monday hours are 9:30am-5:30pm).


Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710

Application Process

After you apply and pay your deposit fee we will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. If you live in another part of the country or the world, we can do the interview over Skype.


Tuition is $7200. Upon registration, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your space in the training. You can save $500 by paying in full on the day of registration. You can save $250 off of your tuition by registering before February 28th. Check the application to find out more about discounts and payment plans.

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Be forewarned, Somatica is not for those who want to coach from the sidelines

There’s a new wave happening in the world of counseling and sex therapy and Celeste and Danielle are on the cutting edge of that wave. Working and studying with them has been an exhilarating experience of surfing that wave.

The Somatica® Method is nothing less than a revolutionary new approach that’s turning the field of sex and relationship coaching upside down and right side up. I feel lucky to have studied with Celeste and Danielle, the master artisans of this new approach.

Be forewarned, Somatica® is not for those who want to coach from the sidelines. It’s for those who are ready to jump into the deep end of the pool and call forward the most vulnerable parts of both themselves and their clients to be transformed, healed and reborn----in partnership.
If you want a simple, clean, 6-step approach to sex coaching where you can sit safely on the sidelines and offer words of advice to your clients, I advise you to stay away from Somatica®. But if you’re ready to jump into the deep end and learn to facilitate a potent process that promises not just the transformation of your clients but also of you, then Somatica® might be the approach you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve taken four coaching programs during the past few years and Somatica is by far the most potent and valuable. It’s changed the way I think about sex and relationships and transformed my approach to coaching.

Tomas, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA

Somatica training 2016


Q: Is this Only for People Who Want to Become Sex Coaches and Relationship Coaches or Can I Take it for Personal Development

Somatica is not just for people who want to become practitioners, in fact, many people take the training as a way to get more in touch with their own sexuality and improve their relationships. Whether you are taking it for professional development or for your own learning, everyone who takes the training says it offers them profound personal transformation.

Q: When Does the Next Training Start?

We offer one training a year. The next training starts on April 26th, 2018 and people are already applying. You can benefit from early bird discounts if you apply early. Schedule a call with us to find out more and get your application process started!

Q: How are Somatica Practitioners Different from Life Coaches?

There are many life coaches out there and some of them are quite good, especially if someone already has a good idea of what they want. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, our society is very shaming and people often don’t even have an idea of what is on the menu. As a Somatica Practitioner, you will help your clients deconstruct their social beliefs so that they can feel permission and learn to embrace their desires. Very few coaches are trained to deal with sexuality. As a Somatica Coach, you will become a highly trained expert in the field of sexuality. Because sexuality and sexual empowerment are so central to your client’s confidence and sense of self, the coaching you will offer as a Somatica Practitioner will help your clients transform every aspect of their life, from sexual connection and relationships to their personal and professional life.

Q: How is Somatica Different from Other Types of Sex Coaching or Sex Therapy?

Traditional sex therapy often focuses on sexuality from a medical or dysfunction-based viewpoint. Sex therapy usually ends when things are “OK” and rarely shoots for “great,” “mind-blowing” or “out-of-this-world” sex. Often, in traditional therapy or coaching, problem-resolution takes a long time and rarely goes into enhancement or expansion around sexuality. Like some traditional sex therapists, we are highly educated and trained sexologists so you will learn all of the research-based information that a sex therapist offers. While many sex therapists resort to using books and videos, you will go beyond homework because people don’t always do their homework and, even when they do, they can’t necessarily see what might be missing in their interactions. You will learn experiential and hands-on tools to help educate your clients in sessions. You will be able to see what is missing in their interactions, which results in you being able to offer more specific and accurate practices for change. This creates much quicker, more effective and lasting transformation, and a sense of mastery that will help transform your client’s daily life.

Q: Will I be Learning and Teaching Tantra/Sacred Sexuality?

Tantra is a three-phased spiritual path that takes years to master. We incorporate some methods that are also used in Tantra into our teachings, such as helping your clients experience the world through all of their senses, breathwork, and eye contact. At the same time, we believe of all forms of sexuality are sacred as long as both people are consenting, present, personally responsible and self-aware in the experience. As a Somatica Coach, you will not use any particular kind of language when talking about sex, instead adopting the language of your clients or offering them different erotic languages through which to express themselves.

Q: How is Being a Sexological Bodyworker Different from Being a Somatica Practitioner?

Sexological Bodyworkers help their clients get in touch with their own sexuality through one-way (bodyworker to client) erotic massage and breathwork. The client can be naked in session. In Somatica sessions both client and practitioner stay clothed and there is two-way touch, erotic energy exchange and emotional sharing. Some Somatica Practitioners are also Sexological Bodyworkers. In the training, we will help you develop a relationship with your own desires and sexual expression so you can help your clients do the same. You will also learn to help your clients have healthy sexual and emotional relationship with their partner(s).

Q: How is being a Sexual Surrogate different from being a Somatica Practitioner?

Becoming a Somatica Practitioner is not the same as becoming a Sexual Surrogate. A sexual surrogate works with clients, generally who have relatively challenging, functional or sexual issues. Sexual surrogates work as part of a sex therapy team and must be referred to by a psychotherapist. Sexual surrogates have both clothed and naked sessions with their clients and engage in kissing as well as oral and genital sex with their clients – all of these activities are beyond the boundaries of a Somatica Practitioner. While you will engage in two-way touch with your clients, you will not kiss, remove your clothing or have oral or genital sex.

Q: Will Somatica Make Me a Sex Educator?

In general, when people talk about being sex educators, it means that they give their clients information about sex. It could be information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or reproduction, etc. Because this might be confusing to some people, as a Somatica Coach, you won’t generally refer to yourself as a sex educator, however, you can offer certain forms of sex education. For example, if you know a lot about STI’s, you can talk with your client about how they are transmitted or send them to places where they can find out more like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. As a practitioner, you can also talk to them about their fear of STI’s or how they feel about the risks that they might be taking – everyone has their own level of risk. As Somatica Practitioners, you will also educate your clients about what we like to call “What’s On The Menu” around sex. Because we live in an anorexic culture around sex, many people don’t have any idea what all of their sexual options are and you will learn to give them a variety of options so that they can choose the sexual experiences and fantasies that are most arousing to them.

Q: What if I Miss a Weekend or a Training Day?

While it is ideal if you can make all of the training days, you can miss a full day and still be on track for certification. If you are going to miss more than one day of training, it is possible to make up days that you’ve missed by hiring one of our practitioners to take you through the missed material.

Q: Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We do offer a payment plan – the payment plan is 4 equal payments paid on March 15th, May 15th, July 15th and September 15th. A $15 finance fee will be added to each payment processed.
* We don’t want anyone excluded from the training for lack of funds, please email us if you need to talk about alternative payment options!

Q: What is Your Refund Policy?

If you choose to withdraw from the training 45 days or more prior to the first day of the program, you will be refunded all tuition paid less your non-refundable $500 Tuition Deposit. If you choose to withdraw from the training for any reason whatsoever less than 45 days before the first day of the program, or should you miss any individual class sessions, you will be held responsible for payment of the full tuition. If you are on a payment plan and have not yet paid in full, you will remain legally responsible for the entire outstanding balance of your unpaid tuition. No exceptions will be made.

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The healing is profound and touches all parts of one's life

Celeste & Danielle have created a revolutionary approach to transformation. Because it dives deeply into the vulnerable and guarded realms of sexuality, the healing is profound and touches all parts of one's life. The process of being in a relationship with a practitioner while finding one's own individual humanity allows more self-love and acceptance. Leading an individual into embracing and loving the human they are, living in a world where desires can be embraced, mistakes become learning and life is a continual journey of curious exploration.

H.R, Somatica Core Training, 2012
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