Life changing!

I do have to say that in addition to the training, I have worked extensively with 2 Somatica coaches and attended all of the practice groups I was able to. That combination has taught me so much about myself.
I have had a tremendous growth arc from beginning to end. I almost don’t recognize the person I am now. From this growth, I know myself better. I know my desire. I know my strength. I know my vulnerability. I know how I am in a relationship. My intimate partners see the difference in me and celebrate it.

I am living the life of my dreams – largely due to what Somatica offered me and my own ability to integrate it. I will be forever grateful. I can now ask for what I want as a partner, sexually as well as relationally. I can show vulnerability and express when I am triggered. I can offer repair. I can be supportive and non-judgmental when I’m told difficult things about myself. I can fuck up and be OK. I know I don’t have to be perfect. My relationships are cleaner and clearer, more loving, more open, more sexy, more fun, and more full.