Somatica Graduates Now Accredited by the American Board of Sexology

Sexologist in session with a couple

We are excited to announce that Somatica Graduates are now accredited by the American Board of Sexology (ABS). The ABS has informed the Somatica Institute that their training program has met the criteria for training coaches that assist clients with issues around sexual health and well-being.

If you are pursuing a professional career as a sex and relationship coach, as a graduate from the Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach Certification Program you will be eligible to sign up for individual ABS membership, which will help your clients feel more confident in your coaching offerings. The Somatica Training and the Somatica Certification Program together fulfill the 300 hours required to become an ABS member.

What Is The American Board of Sexology?

The American Board of Sexology is an association that provides professional standards and guidelines to the sexology community. It certifies practitioners that meet the requirements of a sexology certification training program.

As a Somatica Graduate, Will I Have a Sexology Degree?

Sexology is defined as the scientific study of sexuality, and the title ‘sexologist’ means someone who studies sex. There are many ways to become a sexologist

The Somatica Certification Program is considered an in-depth study on the topic of sex. As a graduate – in addition to being a certified sex and relationship coach – you are also a sexologist. Because our training is experiential and somatically-based, you may also identify yourself as a somatic sexologist. 


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