Erica M. Daniel, MPH

Erica M. Daniel is a global nomad and an instructor at the Somatica Institute. She is also a certified Somatica practitioner.

Erica began her professional exploration with her Masters in Public Health (MPH) at The George Washington University. She has worked in international public health in Africa and Eastern Europe. Wanting to expand her capacity to work with individual clients, Erica pursued her certification as a sex and relationship coach to change the narrative on how sex, relationships, and love are viewed by those of African descent and Christian backgrounds.

Her approach to coaching includes empathy, curiosity, and safety to help individuals increase their self-confidence, deepen their intimate connections, and live more authentically.

She is excited to work with future Somatica coaches to help them find their unique voice and identity as a sex and relationship coach. She is guided by the following quote: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

In addition to her faculty role, Erica sees Somatica clients internationally virtually, and in person in Accra, Ghana. To schedule a session with her, fill out the form on her practitioner profile.