Raj Bandyopadhyay, PhD

In 2016, Raj had a cushy life in San Francisco. He had a PhD in Computer Science, a comfortable tech career as a data scientist, and a stable poly marriage (after working with Celeste as his coach).

Then, his partner came out as transgender.

Seeing his partner find his true self and identity made Raj ask the question, “What do I need to change to feel true to myself?”

Taking the Somatica Core Training not only helped him navigate his partner’s transition, but also realize that his tech career didn’t really turn him on at all. Today, Raj is a business coach who helps intimacy coaches launch their business, and a personal branding photographer who uses Somatica to help speakers and entrepreneurs tell their story on camera.

As he built his business from scratch, Raj worked with many well-known business coaches and implemented all kinds of marketing strategies. At this point, he has even gone from being an awkward engineer to someone who loves sales calls!

Over time, he has seen how Somatica provides a powerful set of tools that apply as much to business as to intimate relationships. Since then, in addition to photography, he coaches new Somatica coaches with their business challenges – using Somatica.

In creating this course, Raj combines his left-brained tech and business strategy talents, with his right-brained creativity, artistry, and empathy. Together with his Somatica training, he creates a non-judgmental environment where you get to be curious and playful, and build the business that turns you on.