Victoria “Tori” King, MS, CSC

Victoria “Tori” King, is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, Certified Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach & Workshop Facilitator, practicing in the East Bay area of Northern California.

She graduated from CSU East Bay with a Master’s degree in Counseling, completed a certification program for sex therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and has many training hours in other sex and relationship modalities under her belt. For over a decade she has worked with individuals and couples to empower themselves around their sexuality and to deepen intimacy in relationships.

In both her work with clients and students, Tori facilitates interactive, experiential, and somatically-oriented sessions. These approaches are based on current research and neuro-science, known for supporting positive and powerful changes in individuals and relationships.

Tori loves helping people learn practical skills and tools to communicate more effectively, connect and attune, share authentically and vulnerably, and experience greater self-awareness, self-love, and connection.

As a bi-racial woman, Tori feels passionate about working with POC and others from diverse and marginalized communities. She is on a mission to support people to break free from limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviors so that they can live a life filled with fun, joy, love, and pleasure.