Somatica Scholarships

Partial Scholarships for Somatica Training

We want to increase access to the Somatica Training to as many people as possible! So to help offset the cost of tuition, we created the Somatica Scholarship Fund and are now offering a number of scholarships. Please note, this scholarship is for the Somatica Training only for students taking it the first time.

Students happy about their Somatica Institute scholarship

Available Scholarships

The full certification is $12,800. In order to qualify for a scholarship through the Somatica Scholarship Fund, you must have financial need. For those who have financial need, there is a potential $500 off of the total tuition. You may be eligible for an additional scholarship amount if you are also part of an underserved community.

Other Potential Discounts

In addition, you can also get these discounts:

Confidentiality: Your scholarship application is 100% confidential. All information gathered is only used to help us determine eligibility.

Availability: There are a limited number of scholarships under each category. If a category fills up, we will close that category. Apply early to be eligible!

Contribute to the Somatica Scholarship Fund

Want to help make Somatica available to everyone? Contribute to the Somatica Scholarship Fund!

We are happy to put your contribution towards underserved populations and low-income students, or even create a special scholarship fund in your name. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to do so.

Application Form

Please answer all of the questions relevant to the scholarship(s) you are applying for. Applications with incomplete information will not be considered.

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