Somatica has landed in my body, not just my intellect.

It feels part of my flesh; something that is mine now and will always be available to me. Thank you for this incredible body of work that you have created.
On the day when I was set up to offer my first full session to a total stranger, I was nervous. I felt unprepared. But when I got into the session I realized that I had been exceptionally prepared: I had everything I needed. I had a whole toolbox of things to teach and share and witness.
And I found that I also had access to an embodied wisdom inside of me that knew just how and why to use them. In that moment I realized how exquisitely this training had been crafted, how much care and thought and mastery has been distilled down into this set of techniques I now have in my back pocket.
I noticed that a certain attitude had been passed down to me: an open, enthusiastic curiosity about the person in front of me, and an unguarded, playful, forgiving presence in myself. Holding such an attitude about anything is an amazing feat. But to hold it about the things so culturally clamped down upon like sex, desire, shame, emotions, old wounds, etc. is revolutionary!!!
Teaching through embodiment really works!
Not only the way you teach by leading us to physically and emotionally practice – but the way you manage to make yourselves, your own living structures of experience so open to us, so visible, so palpable, so available.
This is how you manage to convey the philosophy of Somatica, which is this vital substrate, the context, that allows us the wisdom to know how to choose and wield these wonderful tools that are in the toolbox.
Lots of trainings give out tools. Very few give this level of embodied wisdom.
Loving you for all the hours, tears, sweat, and heart that have gone into this work. I can feel it.