Brenna Lake, CSC

Group-Leader Coordinator

Brenna Lake is a sex and relationship coach and a Certified Somatica® Practitioner since 2015. She is deeply experienced as a group leader and has guided every Somatica Training, Somatica Advanced Student Training, Somatica Couples and Somatica Character Training since 2016.

Brenna is both loving and bossy, and has supported many Somatica students and graduates to gain confidence and deeper insights into the foundational principles of the  Somatica Method.

Brenna has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Through Somatica, she learned how to be an empowered, thoughtful, and courageous practitioner and group leader.

Her aim is to help clients have fulfilling love, sex, and relationships by sharing with them the valuable tools, lessons, and takeaways she has gathered over the years of her training and coaching experience.

In addition to her faculty role, Brenna sees clients all over the world from her private practice in Charleston, SC. To schedule a session with her, fill out the form on Brenna’s practitioner profile.