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Flirting Your Way to Success – LA Workshop

“I’ve met a lot of beautiful women in my life, but she was by far the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”

“I could feel the chemistry immediately, there was something in his eyes that made me feel like he knew me already.”

FlirtingWhen we hear comments like this coming from clients and friends, we know that they’ve met someone who really knows how to flirt – someone who knows how to tap into their own sexuality and feelings and bring them fully into connection with another human being right from the start. Whether you are just meeting someone for the first time or you want to keep relationship fun, fresh and exciting, flirting is key. It is key to the beginnings of attraction and the ongoing excitement of life. It is also, believe it or not, one of the keys to professional success

Flirting isn’t just for those who are trying to date! Connection is our deepest human need – we need it to survive and flirting is like a supercharged dose of connection that fills your tank and keeps you motivated and inspired. Regardless of whether you are happily single, dating or in a relationship, if you don’t flirt, you miss out on so much potential connection! And, if you are married or in a long-term relationship, making flirting part of your day-to-day life together will keep that honeymoon feeling alive.

In this day-long workshop, we invite you to come and learn how to flirt with us, with each other, and with life! You will develop your own style of flirting, which might be more flirting with your mind, more physical or a combination of the two. You will have a chance to flirt with many different kinds of people so you can learn and get inspired by their style of flirting. You will find out how to flirt if you are shy, you will learn how to flirt and keep boundaries in a way that is clear without being harsh, and you will learn how to flirt in a way that invites and magnetizes.

When: Sunday, February 12th 10am-3pm
Where: 4855 Marine Ave, Lawndale, CA.
Tuition: $95

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