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Embark on a path to sex and relationship coach certification: The Somatica Core Training can be taken both for personal growth and to start or develop in your career as a Sex and Relationship Coach.

Somatica Career Path

There is so much to learn about how people relate around sexual and emotional intimacy. The more information and experiential tools you have to facilitate loving relationships, the more joyful, empowered and free you feel. If you really want to master these tools and become an effective helper to others, simply attending the Core Training once is not enough. Instead, follow below path through Somatica to attain your sex and relationship coach certification. You will be able to help yourself, your partners, friends, family, community, and clients lead an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

By becoming a Somatica student, you get an exquisite one-of-a-kind, top-notch industry training. You will learn a comprehensive philosophy and practical, experiential tools to practice as a professional Sex and Relationship Coach. A community of like-minded people will be yours to tap into – all fully trained and understanding how to communicate and relate in the Somatica way.

Your Somatica Path to Sex & Relationship Coach Certification

Somatica Path


Step 1: Take the Somatica Core Training

The Somatica Core Training will give you the basic framework of the Somatica Method and serve as a foundation for your practice. It will also offer you many practical tools to teach your clients erotic and emotional intimacy. At the same time, you will be introduced to a deeper understanding of how people behave around intimacy. How they get hurt, how they protect themselves, and what they need to do to shift negative habits and maintain a sustainable connection. To get a full, deep catalog of how people work – and how you can help them – takes time, repetition and dedication.

Your background and the level of natural aptitude you started your Core Training with determines your next step. Some people are ready to go out and start seeing clients immediately, while others choose to take the Core Training more than once. You will however not be able to call yourself a Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach until you go through the full Certification Track.

Step 2: Become an Advanced Student

As an Advanced Student in Somatica, you repeat the Core Training and practice the tools you learned on a deeper level. Those who have become successful Somatica practitioners have gone through the training at least twice. The second time, you really begin to master the coaching part of the work. You only pay the returning student tuition and commit to participate in one group meeting day before the first module.

Advanced Student Track Includes:

  • 4 group supervision sessions with Celeste and Danielle.
  • Celeste and Danielle will work closely with you to maximize your professional and personal growth, helping you find and work on your growing edge.
  • Working closely with the group leader as well as preparing to be a potential group leader yourself if you so choose

Omg, How is it possible that Somatica just keeps getting so much better the more I learn and practice it ?!? Just WOW!

Making the decision to attend the training two years in a row was one of the best personal and professional decisions I have ever made. I found that in year 1, I was able to really explore my own personal relationship to various aspects of my sexuality, which transformed my marriage and my life. This exploration was crucial to having a personal understanding of what it’s like to do this work. In year 2, I was just starting to see clients, and found re-taking the training gave me the ability to know what they needed to work on next and helped me feel authentically connected to them in the process. This made my work so much more efficient and effective. I was thrilled to be able to apply new insights immediately into my client sessions.
For those who are super serious about a full-time career as a coach, I highly recommend taking the Advanced and Couples training. The Advanced training not only radically improved my own personal relationships, but the Advanced + Couples trainings allowed me to deepen even more fully into understanding various aspects of my clients experiences and greatly improved my clinical expertise in working with both individuals and couples.

Pam, Somatica Core Training, 2015
Los Altos, CA

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Step 3: Get Advanced Training as a Group Leader

As a Group Leader, you work closely and intimate with Celeste & Danielle. We track and work with you on your growing edge, and help you develop your leadership and facilitation skills. You get to lead a small group in the Somatica training and get feedback on your facilitation and leadership skills. Also, additional advanced training during and before each module is available to help you grow your skills. You also learn how to deal with issues that arise with students. You get to teach, demonstrate, and facilitate some of Somatica’s practices in your group, learning how to deal with group dynamics. Throughout this experience, we will be helping you grow as a teacher and leader. Your commitment is to participate in 90% of the Somatica training sessions, and in all pre-training prep days.

Step 4: Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach Certification

Once you have completed the Core Training and followed one of the Certification Tracks (Advanced Student or Supervision), you can apply for the sex & relationship coach certification exam.

Step 5: Maintaining your Certification

Maintain your certification status by participating in individual supervision sessions, or supervision groups with another Certified Somatica Supervisor. You will need to do this a minimum of 4 times a year. In Supervision, you will:

  • Bring in client cases
  • Practice advanced skills
  • Have a chance to connect with other practitioners for networking and support

Anytime: Receive Coaching from a Certfied Somatica Sex Coach

At any point throughout your personal or professional growth path with Somatica, you can get a tremendous amount of personal transformation, insight, and professional development by experiencing what it’s like to be a client in the method. By working with a Somatica coach you can get a real taste of how it feels to receive a Somatica session from a seasoned professional. You will not only be able to work on your own goals, you will also get a real-time experience of the pace, the mutual vulnerability, the constant deshamifying, and the experiential processes that are part of the Somatica Method.

Sex Coaching Client Referrals

We select a small number of practitioners to whom we are willing to refer overflow clients. The referral program is separate from the certification process. We would be happy to interview you and discuss whether or not you are a good fit.

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