Somatica Career Path

Grow with Somatica

Somatica can be taken both as personal growth and to start a new career or develop in your career as a Sex and Relationship Coach. Humans are complex – the more information and experiential tools you have to facilitate loving relationships the more joyful, empowered and free you feel. There is so much to learn about how people relate around sexusal and emotional intimacy and the Somatica trainings are a crash course in this learning. If you really want to master these tools and become an effective helper to others, simply attending the training once through is not enough. Following the personal growth and professional training path through Somatica is the surest way that you can help yourself, your partners, friends, family, community, and clients to have an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

By becoming a Somatica student, you get an exquisite, one of a kind, top notch training that offers you a comprehensive philosophy and practical, experiential tools to practice as a Sex and Relationship Coach. You will become part of a community of like-minded people who understand how to communicate and relate in the Somatica way.

Somatica training - Group Leaders

Your Somatica Career Path

Take the Core Training

The Core Training will give you the basic framework of the Somatica Method and serve as a foundation for your practice. It will also offer you many practical tools to teach your clients erotic and emotional intimacy. At the same time, you will be introduced to a deeper understanding of how people behave around intimacy – how they get hurt, how they protect themselves and what they need to do to shift negative habits and maintain a sustainable connection. To get a full, deep catalog of how people work and how to help them takes time, repetition and practice. The level you can progress to at the end of the Core Training depends on many factors including what training and background you came in with, your natural aptitude for the work and how much effort you put into the training. Thus, people leave the training at many levels. Some are ready to go out and start seeing clients immediately while others choose to take the Core Training more than once.

Become a Certified Somatica Coach

Once you have taken the core training and completed the certification requirements, you will be certified in the Somatica Method. Becoming a Certified practitioner enables you to begin seeing clients and calling yourself a Certified Somatica Practitioner. Not all students who take the Core Training are interested in Certification and some people take the training solely for personal growth. The total additional cost can be as little as $760 depending on how you decide to do your supervision sessions.

Complete the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete the Core Training held in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the in-person training, Celeste and Danielle will present an in-depth training on the method and you will dive into deep interpersonal engagement with your fellow students for the experiential learning process of a lifetime. Additionally, you can participate in an optional self-study leading up to the training where you will be given reading assignments and videos to watch and asked to complete 12 homework assignments.
  • Complete 12 Practice Sessions with your fellow students. In practice sessions you will get a chance to share longer sessions, as well as connection and feedback with one another, to solidify your understanding and skills around each tool. For each practice session, you and your practice client (a fellow student) will need to fill out and turn in evaluation forms – you will do one self-evaluation form and receive one evaluation form from your practice client.
  • Complete at least 6 Supervision Sessions – group supervision is offered or you can hire an approved Somatica Practitioner for individual supervision. In at least 3 of those supervision sessions, practice giving someone else in the group (or your coach) a session. Another way to meet the supervision session requirement is to repeat the training or assist in the training, which counts as 6 supervision sessions.
  • Schedule a one-hour Certification Exam with Celeste or Danielle (cost $280). After completing the Somatica Core Training and finishing all your evaluations and self-reflections, you can take the certification exam. In this exam, Celeste or Danielle will act as your client and you will offer them a session to demonstrate proficiency with the basic tools and philosophy of the Somatica Method. If you pass the Certification exam you can call yourself A Certified Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach and practice as such. If you don’t pass, you will be given feedback as to why and will be able to retake the exam at a later date.

Participate in Supervision Groups

Attending supervision to continue growing your skills. Anyone who has completed the Core Training can attend supervision groups. If you would like to keep your certification status you are required to participate in individual supervision or supervision group with a Certified Somatica Supervisor a minimum of 5 times a year. In Supervision you will:

  • Bring in client cases
  • Practice advanced skills
  • Have a chance to connect with other practitioners for networking and support

Become an Advanced Student in Somatica

As an Advanced Student in Somatica, you get to repeat the training as a student and practice the tools on a deeper level. Everyone who has become a successful practitioner in the method has gone through the training at least two times (as a student, an Advanced Student, and later, as a group leader) since the first time is usually so much about personal growth. The next time through, you really begin to master the coaching part of the work. As an Advanced Student, you get training on how to support the group leader with issues that come up in the group and you prepare to be a group leader. To be an Advanced Student you repeat the training paying the returning student tuition and committing to participate in the required prep days and meetings before and during the training modules.

Priority is given to people who want to be group leaders. Also, being an Advanced Student does not guarantee that you will be chosen to be a group leader in the future.

Become a Group Leader

As a Group Leader you work closely and intimate with Celeste & Danielle and we track and work with you on your growing edge. Celeste & Danielle help you develop your leadership and facilitation skills. You get to lead a small group in the Somatica training and get feedback on your facilitation and leadership skills. You get additional training during and before each module to help you grow your skills and learn how to deal with issues that arise with students in the training. You get to teach, demonstrate, and facilitate some of Somatica’s practices in your group and learn how to deal with group dynamics. Throughout this experience we will be helping you grow in the face of your edges as a teacher and a leader. Your commitment is to participate in 90% of the Somatica days and in all pre-training prep days.

Advanced Certifications

Get Certified as a Somatica Teacher

As a Somatica Teacher you will be able to teach a One Day Intro to Somatica in different locations outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. This intro will be promoted both by you and the Somatica Institute through our Newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter. You will get paid 80% of the profit of this workshop. To become a certified teacher the requirements are:

  • Being an Assistant in the training
  • Being a Group Leader for two years in the Core Somatica Training
  • Participating in a special training to learn how to facilitate the One Day Intro where you will get feedback and instruction on your teaching skills
  • You will get paid a referral fee for every workshop participants who signs up and finishes the Somatica Core Training

Get Certified as a Somatica Supervisor

As a Somatica Supervisor, you will be able to teach and offer Somatica students and graduates one-on-one or group supervision sessions. To become a certified Somatica Supervisor complete the following requirements:

  • Be an Assistant in the Somatica Core Training
  • Be a Group Leader in the Somatica Core Training for two year
  • Be a supervising group leader in the Somatica Core Training (You will offer supervision to the group leaders as they give feedback to practicing students).
  • Take the Advanced Somatica Training
  • Take the Somatica Couple’s Training
  • Take a supervision training with Celeste & Danielle and pass the supervisor certification.
  • To keep your Somatica Supervisor Certification – participate in Supervision groups for supervisors (twice a year)


Client Referrals: We select a small number of practitioners to whom we are willing to refer overflow Celeste & Danielle clients. The referral program is separate from the Certification process. If you are interested in becoming part of the referral program, we would be happy to interview you and discuss whether or not it is a good fit.