Dalia Perez, M.A., CSC

Dalia Perez, Faculty at the Somatica Institute

Dalia Perez is an instructor at the Somatica Institute, a Certified Somatica practitioner, and has had a private practice as a sex & relationship coach for the past 10 years.

She received her Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in somatic and transpersonal psychologies from John F. Kennedy University. Since then, she has continued her post-graduate studies in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy, trauma-informed sex-positive therapy, and relational somatic healing.

In her work, she guides her clients to listen to their body’s cues, cultivate self-worth, and invite space for desire, movement, and pleasure. Dalia brings her warm, embodied, gentle and affirming nature to her teachings to create a safe container for people to explore their most vulnerable parts.

Her relational approach incorporates mindful and body-based exercises that help individuals deepen intimacy and transform challenging relationship dynamics.

Having faced her own process around sexual shame and shutdown, she comes to this work with the experience of her own transformation towards erotic freedom and embodiment. She wishes the same for all her clients.

In addition to her faculty role, Dalia sees clients in her private practice. To schedule a session with her, fill out the form on Dalia’s practitioner profile.

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