How Somatica is Unique

Mapping Somatica in Relationship to other Therapeutic Modalities

Will Somatica make you a Sex Educator?

In general, when people talk about being sex educators, it means that they give their clients information about sex. It could be information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or reproduction, etc. Because this might be confusing to some people, as a Somatica Coach,  you won’t generally refer to yourself as a sex educator, however, you can offer certain forms of sex education. For example, if you know a lot about STI’s, you can talk with your client about how they are transmitted or send them to places where they can find out more like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. As a practitioner, you can also talk with them about their fear of STI’s or how they feel about the risks that they might be taking – everyone has their own level of risk. As Somatica Practitioners, you will also educate your clients about what we like to call “What’s On The Menu” around sex. Because we live in an anorexic culture around sex, many people don’t have any idea what all of their sexual options are and you will learn to give them a variety of options so that they can choose the sexual experiences and fantasies that are most arousing to them.

How is what we do different from other types of Sex Therapy/Coaching?

Traditional sex therapy often focuses on sexuality from a medical or dysfunction-based viewpoint. Sex therapy usually ends when things are “OK” and rarely shoots for “great,” “mind-blowing” or “out-of-this-world” sex. Often, in traditional therapy or coaching, problem-resolution takes a long time and rarely goes into enhancement or expansion around sexuality. Like some traditional sex therapists, we are highly educated and trained sexologists so you will learn all of the research-based information that a sex therapist offers. While many sex therapists resort to using books and videos, you will go beyond homework because people don’t always do their homework and, even when they do, they can’t necessarily see what might be missing in their interactions. Because of this, you will learn to experiential and hands-on tools to help educate your clients in sessions. You will be able to see what is missing in their interactions, which results in you being able to offer more specific and accurate practices for change. This creates much quicker, more effective and lasting transformation, and a sense of mastery that will transform your client’s daily life.

Will you be learning and teaching Tantra/Sacred Sexuality?

Tantra is a three-phased spiritual path that takes years to master. We incorporate some methods that are also used in Tantra into our teachings, such as helping your clients experience the world through all of their senses, breathwork, and eye contact. At the same time, we believe of all forms of sexuality are sacred as long as both people are consenting, present, personally responsible and self-aware in the experience. As a Somatica Coach, you will not use any particular kind of language when talking about sex, instead adopting the language of your clients or offering them different erotic languages through which to express themselves.

Will you be a Sexological Bodyworker?

You will become a Somatica Practitioner. Some Somatica Practitioners are also Sexological Bodyworkers. Sexological Bodyworkers help their clients get in touch with their own sexuality through one-way (bodyworker to client) erotic massage and breathwork. The client can be naked in session. In Somatica sessions both client and practitioner stay clothed and there is two-way touch, erotic energy exchange and emotional sharing. In the training, we will help you develop a relationship with your own desires and sexual expression so you can help your clients do the same. You will also learn to help your clients have healthy sexual and emotional relationship with their partner(s).

Will you be a Sexual Surrogate?

Becoming a Somatica Coach is not the same as becoming a Sexual Surrogate. A sexual surrogate works with clients, generally who have relatively challenging, functional or sexual issues. Sexual surrogates work as part of a sex therapy team and must be referred to by a psychotherapist. Sexual surrogates have both clothed and naked sessions with their clients and engage in kissing as well as oral and genital sex with their clients – all of these activities are beyond the boundaries of a Somatica Practitioner. While you will engage in two-way touch with your clients, you will not kiss, remove your clothing or have oral or genital sex.

How will you be different from Other Coaches?

There are many life coaches out there and some of them are quite good, especially if someone already has a good idea of what they want. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, our society is very shaming and people often don’t even have an idea of what is on the menu. As a Somatica Practitioner, you will help your clients deconstruct their social beliefs so that they can feel permission and learn to embrace their desires. Very few coaches are trained to deal with sexuality. As a Somatica Coach, you will become a highly trained experts in the field of sexuality. Because sexuality and sexual empowerment is so central to your client’s confidence and sense of self, the coaching you will offer as a Somatica Practitioner will help your clients transform every aspect of their life, from sexual connection and relationships to their personal and professional life.