What Will You Get From the Somatica Training

In this training, you will experience the full depth and breadth of learning in the realms of sex and relationships. In addition to the online, immersive experience in the  Somatica Training, you will also get supporting materials and a loving community to help you grow and thrive.

Somatic Training

Start Right Away with The Reading

The sooner you get started with the reading, the sooner you will be on your way to your career as a sex and relationship coach or your personal journey of transformation. Once you apply you can begin the readings that will start providing you with the philosophy and tools of the Somatica Method. The more time you have to absorb these materials, the more prepared you will be putting you ahead of the game so that you will be able to really dive in as soon as the online training begins.

Through the reading, you will begin exploring some of the key topics that lay the groundwork for the entire course. These topics include embodiment, shame, attachment and individuation, and inner child work. The more you know yourself in these areas, the more prepared you will be to attune, empathize, and connect deeply with your fellow students. If you are ready to really commit to yourself and this journey TAKE THE LEAP and start your personal and professional metamorphosis now...


A Training Manual, and Copies of Cockfidence, Making Love Real and Coming Together

Upon arrival at your first module, you will receive a comprehensive Training Manual with all of the foundational Somatica practices detailed. You will also receive the books Cockfidence, Making Love Real, and Coming Together, co-authored by Celeste & Danielle, the creators of the Somatica Method.

Supervised Practice Groups and Homework Between Modules

If you want to be certified, in between modules and after the last module, you will need to have offered 12 additional practice sessions outside of class time. You can do them with fellow students or friends. If you are already a professional, your clients will be suitable as well (3 per module). To help you complete this goal, after the 3rd module we will begin offering online practice groups. Celeste and Danielle and other group leaders or assistants also attend some of these groups. These practice groups are another opportunity to ask questions, have supervised sessions, and receive valuable feedback to deepen your skills in the Somatica method. It’s also a great way to get coaching sessions on your current personal growth goals. 

Additionally, after each module, a new homework segment will be released to you for you to practice the tools you’ve learned and to refresh and deepen your skills. Homework includes videos, readings, and assignments for you to post. Making a commitment to your personal transformation and your career path (Somatica can help you in any career you choose, not just sex and relationship coaching), will require you to visit and revisit the course materials over and over. Humans are complex creatures, and studying what makes them (and YOU!) tick and moving out of old painful habits takes time and tenacity.

Private Facebook Groups

A couple of weeks before the somatic training begins, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you can begin networking with your fellow students. People use the group right away to begin to get to know one another. Once the class begins, this group will be a great place for you to share your experience, post about other learning resources, and get support from your fellow classmates. You will also be added to a smaller, private Facebook for your home group. You will post your homework in these groups and also share vulnerable feelings with people you have gotten to know personally and where you feel safer.

Small-Group Support

As a student, you take part in large group work as well as smaller, more intimate group work. Your small group is a place where you can really get to know some of your fellow students more deeply and do emotional processing. Each of the small groups will have a leader who is there to help support you through your progress in the somatic training. Your group leader will be keeping track of your progress, help you clarify your growing edges, and is always there for you. Reach out if you have questions or feelings come up during the training you need support with.

More information:

Tori, Somatica Training, 2015

I have felt extraordinarily supported by the Somatica team, both personally and professionally

Throughout my experience as a student and now as a professional in the Somatica Method, I have felt extraordinarily supported by Celeste and Danielle and the other faculty and group leaders. Not only do I feel like they understand me on a personal level and care about my growth and feelings, but they have helped give me the confidence and support to really start to get my business up and running. To me, this is an invaluable part of the training

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