What You Will Learn in the Somatica Training

Here's what happens in a Sex Coaching session

The Somatica Training is a transformational journey into the understanding of your sexuality. And yet it’s so much more – the start of a fascinating and rewarding career in a thriving industry that will enable you to help and uplift your clients in their lives, loves and relationships. 

Unlike other programs that only serve up hours and hours of static, pre-cooked video content, the Somatica Training will immerse you into an interactive world of pleasure and sexual self discovery, rich learning experiences, and a vibrant community of peers.

Here’s what you will learn:

1. Embrace Your Sexuality Fully 

You will be introduced to a large erotic menu – and enabled to identify and embrace what you want to try. By understanding how arousal and desire work, we move you beyond the idea that sex should just happen. Instead, you will approach sex as something to cultivate on an ongoing basis.

Discovering your core desires empowers you to create satisfying erotic situations. The Somatica Training teaches you about the 3 kinds of sex – and the main ingredients that makes sex hot. Your deepest longings will be your guide to a sex life that is endlessly arousing and fulfilling.

And – your own transformation will enable you to help your clients accept themselves for the erotic beings they are. The deeper your knowledge about the diversity of sexual practices, the more you can help your clients discover their own unique sexual template.

2. Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

Our society assigns each person a gender at birth. It then socializes us based on that gender assignment. Regardless of which gender you end up being, this gender-based socialization has negative consequences. To become empowered, you need to move beyond this socialization and claim your truth and full range of self-expression.

No matter whether you identify as queer, straight, lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual or something else – it’s possible to move beyond the separations.  We will teach you how to fully embrace who you are, and feel proud to love who you love.

If You Were Socialized as a Woman

This training will help you move beyond all the negative socialization around sexuality. As a woman, you get to reclaim and revitalize your erotic self, and experience your innate connection to your emotions is part of your gift, never a hindrance. Seeing your human value beyond a relationship is going to empower you in every area of your life.

We will also work with you to empower you around your body, pleasure, dating & relationships, and overcoming sexual dysfunction.

If You Were Socialized as a Man

Men are socialized by society to contain their emotions and be the rock. To become empowered and feel more connected to yourself and your partners, you need to reclaim your emotional self.  We’ll teach you to move beyond shame, and accept yourself and your embodied desires.

Through this, you will walk confidently in this world – as opposed to shut down or “creepy.”  You will deepen your pleasure and emotional awareness. Being a connected and sensual lover allows you to be true to yourself in dating and relationships.

If You Are Trans, or Someone Who Has Never Felt Comfortable in Your Assigned Gender 

Being socialized in a cisgender world likely left you feeling like an outsider. You either didn’t feel aligned with your assigned gender, or you simply didn’t fit neatly into any category of the gender dichotomy. You were probably shamed and possibly abused into trying to fit in.

To overcome any negative socialization you experienced, you need to heal from shame. The Somatica Training teaches you to accept yourself –  no matter how you identify across the gender spectrum. It empowers you into embracing who you truly are.

Becoming empowered in the Somatica Training

3. Turn Relationship Challenges into Opportunities for Intimacy

Some of the most important skills in maintaining emotionally and sexually intimate relationships are your ability to handle moments of discomfort and conflict. These moments, however, can actually be pathways to deeper empathy, intimacy, and passion.

Understanding the ways you have been hurt is a solid step towards relationship empowerment. Via our somatic coaching method, you will explore your emotional triggers, and learn how to respond (as opposed to react) in challenging or upsetting situations.

Through awareness, resiliency-building, and relational tools, you are going to know to vote for connection instead of protection – and teach your clients to do so as well. To spend more of your time open to love and desire, relationship repair is an essential skill to have. As a coach, there is almost nothing more satisfying than seeing your client’s transforming conflict into deeper love and intimacy. 

4. Explore Embodiment and Mindfulness 

The foundation of intimacy and sexuality is mindfulness. This means learning self-awareness, awareness of others, and responsiveness to your body’s needs and messages.

You first follow, then lead practice clients through experiences of embodiment, breathwork, and inhibition-releasing exercises. Through this, you can more fully inhabit your body and feel your sensations, arousal, and emotions.

5. Clarify Boundaries and Consent

Boundaries and consent are essential to trust, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction in relationships. Listening to others’ boundaries and finding out how they want to be asked for and give consent is an illuminating experience. Equally valuable is learning to stay connected – even when you feel rejection or disappointment.

In the Somatica Training, you learn to identify, embrace, and share your boundaries. In turn, you also teach others to deepen their relationship with their own boundaries. And we prepare you that as a coach, you will feel the joy of supporting your clients through all these challenges and triumphs.

6. Move Beyond Shame

Shame is a powerful force that all of us contend with in our lives. It comes up particularly strongly around sex and relationships. Exposure to it in a safe, accepting and loving container is the antidote to shame – and the Somatica Training offers this container. It also teaches you how to offer this safety to your clients – a safety that is essential to their growth in the intimate realm.

The Somatica Method helps you move beyond shame – and bring you more deeply into your body and pleasure. By walking in the world from this place, and inviting your clients into your unconditional acceptance, you experience an unprecedented sense of personal freedom.


7. Understand Attachment and Caring for The Inner Child

In the Somatica Method, we emphasize the balance between every person’s need for attachment (love) and individuation (acceptance).

In the training, you explore your personal history and patterns around attachment. Through this process, you learn how to deepen your attachment with your loved ones. You also create a healthy attachment-based relationship with your clients. Seeing how childhood hurts shaped your attachment style helps you accept and love yourself. 

Your clients will need a lot of guidance in this area. Balancing attachment and individuation is one of the most challenging experiences of being human. But the Somatica Training effectively teaches you how to spot when people are over-compromised or lack empathy. This provides you with the opportunity to help them practice their boundaries and attunement skills, and move towards a balance of being true to themselves and secure with loved ones.

8. Be Aware of Oppression & Privilege as They Relate to Sex 

To connect with the vast diversity of people around you, it’s essential to be aware of how power, privilege, and oppression play out in life. This is particularly apparent in sexual and intimate relationships.

We teach you how these dynamics become part of people’s sexual desires, as well as their feelings about themselves and others. Becoming aware of your own privilege and oppression brings this awareness with you – both into your interpersonal as well as professional encounters.

9. For People of All Abilities – Claim Your Sexuality! 

In society, people who are differently-abled or have a chronic illness are often thought of and treated as non-sexual. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For the affected, disability itself can bring with it feelings of body shame or sexual inadequacy. The Somatica Training strives to empower people with disabilities, teaching them to move beyond shame, learn creative ways to be sexual, and have a fully expressed sexual life.


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